Arriana's Secret Unicorn

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Fantasy of unicorn, a small village, and the magic of their existance in their own little peice of earth. A place of neverending sunshine and their own kind of people. One special person that could be the end of them or the end of the distance they have between eachother.

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012




The morning comes at 4 A.M., waking a small village with colors from the flowers and the scent of the flowers opening letting the warm onto their pedals.The days are early and long because the sun stays up until 9 P.M. When it rains the sun is still up and only mists the land enough to water the greenery and to keep the waterfall flowing. The villagers use the water fall to gather their daily need for water and chores. It is also the place the unicorn gather twice a day.

The unicorn are only a group of 5. There are two male and two female and the other a grandfather type who watches over the other 4. His name is Graphton. He is 100 years old. He has watched over the herd since the others passed twenty five years ago. The end of his reign of thirty others that passed then leaving him with the small group he leads now. his heart heavy with the failure to protect the others.Pastina is the oldest of the two female. She was five when Graphton became her guidance. Fione is the younger female. The daughter of one of his herd. Xavier is the oldest male of the two young males. He is 75 years old and the only one left of his troop that left that horrible day. He was the prince when there were more of them but since they passed. With only he and Graphton left to care for the herd there was no need for a prince or royalty divides. Xavier and Pastina were husband and wife for the last twelve years but only Xavier and Graphton know that without human riders the unicorn's reproduction has ended. They haven't tried for two years to conceive because Pastina has taken the burden that she can't conceive.Zander is the other younger male. He is 32 years old. He stands by Fione as best friends since the day no others came home.

The burden has haunted the unicorn these twenty five years but, the sun still shines for the forest and on the opposite side of the fall. The sun opens the beautiful scent of the flowers on the other side but Graphton doesn't allow them to the other side to graze. The village hasn't been touched by them since the others hadn't came home. graphton is the only one left who had seen the other side.




In the village the sun wakes this side of the waterfall at 6 A.M. Theres little noise as the villagers start their day. The men folk go off to the bakery, field, and market to prepare the villagers' goods for the day. The female go to the fall every morning to gather water and head back to their homes to teach the young and start their cooking of the day, and tend the laundry.

Today is Arriana's twenty fifth birthday. Her mother has never let Arriana fetch water for fear that she is too young and fragile to do this chore. She'd always say that pushing the cart of water pots was a job for her and not Arriana. Today was different. Her mother told her she was now the age to go fetching water. She was anxious to start being the water fetcher for the family. She gathers the clay pots and heads out to the fall. She returned with them before breakfast had started at the bakery where her father needs the pots of water minus the two she brings home for mother.

For the next few weeks Arriana continues to gather water for her family. Rising as the sun rises to fetch it. Mother's chores start earlier now that Arriana can fetch the water so Arriana is anxious every day to get the water and head home to help mother. Mother teaches the young ones of the village around noon each day so Arriana's fetching water and returning timely is important. The chores must be done before mother leaves. The days of Arriana helping her mother with these chores has finally started. There are the fruit gardens to tend and laundry to be wash board cleaned then the cooking for the day before mother heads off to the market man's home to give lessons for the next few hours before the men come home.

Arriana woke on the first day of the third week with a sense that the sun didn't seem as bright as the other days. She loaded her cart and headed to the fall. She reaches the fall earlier than usual because she was anxious to start the day being awake so early and getting the water would help mother's day along so she arrived at the water fall at 4:10 A.M. Arriana isn't a very big girl. Petite enough that when she walks through the woods theres barely a sound but that of the cart wheels. She reached the area she gathers water and knelt with the first clay pot. she saw a blur on the other side behind a bush. Just a white blur she thought and finished gathering the water and went to the village,


Xavier, Zander, and the girls have been coming to the fall without Graphton the last week while Graphton went looking for grazing areas and joining the rest shortly. Xavier was the first to the falls scoping out the area while the others caught up. He checked the area as usual but today there was an object on the other side coming toward the fall. He watched from behind the bushes. Trying to figure out if this object was human but wasn't sure being that there was another object in front of it so he couldn't see the whole of the human form. He waited for the human to get close to the water and then he knew. The others caught up and he lead them away toward the lower of the fall. The others except Graphton had not seen a human and Xavier wasn't sure if he wanted them to see this yet. Graphton would be furious if he knew Xavier had saw a human and not warned any of the rest especially Graphton himself! Xavier knew the humans were their riders but no longer was trusted to ride them. Their battles had lead to the near extinction the unicorn lived with now. He also knew that without the human rider there was no hope for their regeneration. They had become forgotten and considered extinct since the last rider. The unicorn that had fought that day tried to rid themself of the battle and flee home. The only left were here in humans reach and Xavier now had to find courage to tell Graphton of the possibility of a human on the other side. They were the only two, left alive, to ever meet a human before and they had to keep it that way for the sake of the ones still here. The human were the reason of their extinction but also their heart. Xavier's mind is going crazy. He never thought they'd see another human. The unicorn left had changed the watering routines to keep from human eye but no the human at the other shore was there at the time they'd be there. Xavier started drinking with the rest waiting for Grphton's return.







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