chapter 4 thru 7 of Arriana's secret unicorn

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The next part of Arriana's secret unicorn

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012




Arriana had finished gathering the pots of water and headed to her father's bakery to  leave the usual pots for him and went about her thoughts of the white cloud she saw across the fall on the other shore. She saw her father intently mixing igredients for the daily bread so wandered toward home. She had never saw clouds before so not sure to mention it to mother who had told her as a young child there used to be clouds long ago so she had an image of what one would look like. She came to her mother with the clay pots and set them down in their usual spot. Mother looks at Arriana and asks if she feels okay. Arriana doesn't lead on that she feels gloomy and the sun isn't shining so bright today, for her. Her mother had noticed that Arriana seemed gloomy though she didn't want Arriana to know the legend of her gloom. Arriana's mother went about her cooling while Arriana went to tend the fruit garden. Her mother's thoughts kept running through her mind as she cooked. Arriana's mother couldn't help but feel the joy and scared feelings that Arriana had brought home. The legend her mother and grand mother used to talk of but long ago put behind them. Now that there was something to relate to mother's mind replayed what it could remember of the legend that mother and grand mother used to tell. Grandma used to say that unicorn roamed the land with them and that they had all perished without human love. That the gloom and clouds we lived through for a few years of my youth were from the broken heart of the unicorn without his rider. Seeing this gloom again would surely mean a new rider has been found and love of the two races would startthe regeneration of both again. Arriana had not been told of the legend but her mother had remembered Arrianna's curiousity for clouds as young as speaking age and told Arriana only of the clouds themselves. Her mother set her thoughts on the legend to grasp other details. She remembered that it was said that a human rider possessed the gift to hear and speak to the unicorn. The story of "Gavin" her mother started remembering. Gavin was the last unicorn rider and used the unicorn to battle his battle and bringing extinction as the last three men of that day came home to the village. Arriana hadn't been told this of the legends either. Mother went back to focusing on her cooking wondering of Arriana's mood.




Xavier wandered around helplessly as the rest watered and waited for Graphton.  He ushered them on until Graphton showed up finally. Graphton asked Xavier why thet were at the lower watering area today instead of by the fall.  Xavier watched the others  leave toward the grazing area Graphton told them to start toward before he could think of how he was going to tell Graphton.  They graze in different areas every other days so the grass stays short. it's sweeter if kept short. Xavier can remember how bitter it was twenty years ago as the grazed the first areas around the fall.

Graphton's voice was irritated when he asked again so Xavier decided that he'd wait for the safety of knowing was for sure. He responded to Grahton by saying it would be close to the area you headed off toward this morning so I brought them here. Xavier knew part of the legend he was told and lived through some of the truth of. He didn't want Graphton to become alarmed and make them move. If legend was true he wanted to let it shine as it should.  Twenty five years of this legends wrath and Xavier wasn't going to let Graphton know yet that the truth is closer than they thought. He headed to pastina not wanting her to know yet either for fear arising nor the yearning for fawns to start again. He ate and then wandered to the fall.




Arriana decided after eating dinner, she'd head to the falls.Hoping with a full belly and clear mind she could reminise of the cloud she'd seen earlier. All her life she knew clouds existed long ago and not now. She had heard through her mother as a child that there used to be  days of rain and no sun. The clouds and rain lasted a few years until Arriana was three. She remembered asking where the clouds had gone and if they'd come back. Her mother told her they'd not see anymore clouds or gloom for the crying had stopped.Arriana started thinking of her day. Not telling her mother she could see the clouds that others don't see. She wondered to herself "why would such a beautiful place ever see a cloud in the day?" "Why is today so differet?"

She heard a voice speaking behind her. "Gloom isn't always a bad thing, and the longer you see it the stronger you are, this day has opened new chapters for you." She turned to find a horse-like being with a diamond cone on it's face. "I've never seen a horse before but from my stories mother tells, you are a horse but what is that diamond cone?" Xavier didn't speak of her question but contined to tell her that her gloom was special. "I'm your gloom but, you are the love of my kind." Arriana notices his lips don't more and that he's answering her thoughts. She asks of this gift he possessed. Xavier tells her it's not my gift. It is you who possesses the gift to see and hear me. you are the hope for my kind. You must not tell any others of me or what I've spoken to you. When it's time, time will reveal the truth to us. He nudged Arriana's hand to feel what a human's touch felt like. He had never touched a human before. The experience he felt made his body shiver briefly with love. He stepped back and explained he must return. He now knew the passion Gavin's rider,Graphton felt those many years ago. Graphton was the leader then of the herd that took off with Gavin. Graphton was the only one unicorn that had touched a human. He had his rider to shame him of that love they possessed before Gavin turned. Graphton's love with the human made us grow for only e few years before the fatal day.




Xavier returns to the herd to be beside  Pastina again.  Graphton comes to him before he gets close enough to the herd for them to hear his mind. Graphton demands to know what was so important that Xavier left the herd with only Graphton to defend. Graphton is getting too old for tending them alone. Xavier told him of the girl at the waterfall. Xavier asked Graphton if it had meant anything to Graphton to know humans exist still. He responded to Xavier with saying that if the girl sees you and can communicate with you, she is your rider. You are also, now, the leader of us left here. You mustn't tell the others nor she. Graphton went on to tell the part of the legend that he'd kept secret from Xavier. He told him of his rider, Gavin. He was pure of heart until one day he came to me with the word that the humans are at war and that they needed our help to keep their village safe. Gavin had only told Graphton enough to rustle him into leading the unicorn into this battle. Graphton later found that Gavin's son was killed by the humans why he started the battle amongst the rest. Gavin's people suffered their losses as well as the unicorn did. Xavier lets Graphton finish his words with the humans were believed to be extinct now after the war. Xavier tells Graphton that he read Arriana and also could smell other humans on her. Xavier told Graphton of atleast three male humans and one female that theres also the smell of younger children. To a unicorn, human children are twenty five and younger as the unicorn are with their parents until that age. Graphton said he didn't know any were left in the village. Xavier tells him there had to be pregnant women left when the battle ended because the human is twenty five now and an adult. Graphton held back the knowlege that he knew a woman and a few children were on the other side. He didn't know there were three males left over there. He didn't want Xavier getting a head on him so he says to Xavier to head down to pastina for rest and watch the herd for awhile. Don't tell the others anything. I'm going to the other side to make my decission on the quantity and quality of the humans on the other side.Graphton swims across to the other side. 

Graphton stops on the village shore to taste and smell the grass he so long  ago enjoyed.He remembered how sweet humans love made the grass.





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