chapter 8 and 9 of Arriana's Secret unicorn

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Arriana's secret unicorn continued

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



Graphton's mind gets carried away to a little home four houses from the bakery. He smells the humans inside and at the market man's home. He stops to smell the flowers before leaving the village. His memory takes him back to his rider again. These are the sweet flowers Gavin used to bring. He remembered the way his mane and coat were soft and shined after he ate them. He didn't even nibble these. He hurt too much remembering how the little ones would swarm around when he returned with enough in his mouth for the wee ones to each have a bite. He turned homeward and left the village.



Arriana woke at 4 A.M. before the village would wake up at 6. She rushed to get the water pots and took off to the fall to be there earlier than the horse with the diamond cone came. She gathered the water quickly and layed on the ground watching quietly. From behind the falls steps the white horse. This time he's different and has others with him. He seemed more feminine than before. They couldn't see her and continued to water themselves unaware. She wondered why he didn't think. Could he hear my thoughts? Arriana watched until they hid behind the falls. Arriana started to get up from her laying down when she saw the cloud again in the bushes. "is this a dream?" she wondered as she stared at the cloud. He revealed himself to Arriana again as the horse with the diamond cone. He replys that she's not dreaming that she can only see and hear him when he chooses until he knows the safety of him isn't jeapordized. She asked why he hadn't heard her thoughts earlier when she was thinking. He told her he hadn't wanted her to hear him yet. Arriana shrugged it off ans moved to him to touch his face and mane. He didn't think of how good it felt for fear she'd know how vulnerable she makes him. Arriana tells him he looks like a cloud when he don't want her to see him. He responds that when he don't want her to see him as he truely is. She asks of the object on his face. Arriana continues to say she's never met a horse but they were never described as having a diamond cone on their face. "what are you?" Xavier replies by saying that he can't tell her that mch until he's sure of what he's to say to her. He's still waiting for Graphton's decission but doesn't think of him for fear she'll know.

Arriana says her goodbye and starts home. She cannot help thinking of what it mite be that he is. She feels no harm with him but cannot speak of him or his words to anyone. She reaches home and goes about her day.




Xavier returns to face Graphton's decission he'd left the night before to decide.  Graphton's appearance was humble. He didn't seem upset, just humble as if defeated. Graphton didn't expect to find human of pure heart to be on the other side of the fall's banks.Maybe after the war ended they learned from their loss as we had. Xavier speaks to Graphton saying that he knows that there are three men a woman and children on the other side of the falls that  Graphton must know that after going there lastnight. Graphton sighs and admits what he learned. The baker is your humans father, the one adult female left is your humans mother. the other two men are the farmer of the vegtables and the market man. Thereare five children at the market man's home that  have just turned twenty five or will soon. they smell close to adulthood. the market man goes out hunting at noon and your humans mother tends their meals and teaches them until he returns. they are not humans Xavier, they are unicornias. They have the pure hearts we lived without. Graphton continued telling Xavier that he hadn't known until he got to the village that they existed. His rider, Gavin couln't tell him much in his last words so he assumed what he meant with the last words because by the time Graphton realized Gavin was dieing it was too late to read his mind to find the rest of what he wanted Graphton to know. Graphton repeats the words for Xavier. He said that there are more alive where Gavin came from of the humans, he started saying that theres more alive and went breathless. Graphton explains to Xavier that Gavin had warned him of others in the village but never saw any.  Graphton repeted not to mention this to the rest and headed toward the herd. Xavier wondered if the girl had seen other unicorn before he showed up that morning. Graphton's words, Gavin's last coul mean theres more human in the village and some of us still alive but didn't have time to explain to Graphton what he wanted.



Arriana went to her mother when she was finished at the bakery leaving the water for father. Arriana asks her mother of the clouds again. Her mother decides to tell Arriana more of the legend now that she's had time to remember more of the stories she heard as a child. Arriana's brother was out pulling weeds when her mother checked before speaking. "you must not repete what I tell you" she went on to the legend where Arriana's last mention  of it took her. Arriana's mother says that the gloom you've shown the last few months show that there are some length of truth to what my mother used to tell me of as a child. The day the villagers were to ever see gloom or cloudy days is said to be from re-unition of man and unicorn. My mother and grandmother used to speak of a man that rode and spoke with the unicorn. This village had just been settled twenty eight years ago. At the time a man named Gavin was our leader. He went off everyday for three years as normal as any man. His young boy was left with a couple that taught young children because his wife died. Gavin came home one day gossiping of a being he met that day. The town folk thought Gavin had gone mad........................................

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