Chapters 10 thru of Arriana's secret unicorn

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The next few chapters of Arriana's secret unicorn

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



They ridiculed him saying there was no being in the forest of the sort. Gavin tried to get them to believe him. The town folk had a meeting and discharged Gavin of being their leader. Gavin started having enemies that would throw things thru his windows at night. Eventualy a week had gone by and Gavin decides to try with the town to get them to believe him. He went home to the couple who had his son and found his son had been struck in th head with a rock. His son was an infant and died immediately. Gavin grew furious and went to the other end of the waterfall to speak with the people there about his family staying with them. He also told the bottom village that the people at upper falls was waging war against the bottom village. When Gavin returned he told the upper village that the bottom village was waging war on them and that at dusk they should meet at lower falls between the two villages where they would be. Both villages are readying for war when Gavin disappears. Gavin goes to Graphton and begs for help that if the humans go to war the unicorn will all die. Graphton had no hesitation to go to battle with them not knowing Gavin was the war. Graphton gathered all the unicorn male and female adult there were and went off. Arriana's mother goes on to explain that only three men came home that day. Arriana tells her mother that she knows a peice of the story she's told but didn't reveal any more to mother.




Xavier came to the falls earlier today to see if he could see any other unicorn that Arriana might be seeing.He scopes the whole place not seeing anything. Arriana shows up and gathers her water and layed in the grass watching the falls. "Why is she watching the falls?" Xavier wondered. He makes himself appear for Arriana. She turns to see him on the other bank and looks back at the falls. Arriana doesn't want him to see the others until he's told her the legend she longed to know. Xavier asks what she is doing and Arriana responds with the answer he had said to her previously. "I cannot tell you much nor let you know what I know until I now I'm safe. " I have asked mother of the clouds that we no longer see, not mentioning that I'd seen one she told me a legend of them clouds to me, I know that the clouds and rain all those years ago were Graphton's tears for the loss of humans love and his rider. Xavier tells what he heard of Graphton's story. Graphton's emptiness in the story was filled withArriana's words and Arriana's mother's story was filled in with Graphton's words. Xavier thanked her an was anxious to see  Graphton. He had heard enough that Graphton hadn't said and wanted to know why Graphton hid the rest of the story from him, fighting in a mans battle and lossing our loved ones forever was not the whole story and Xavier knew Graphton knows more than he's told. Xavier hadn't known that the rider turned bad and lead them on a man's rage. After Arriana's human story had settled in his mind Arriana looked at him with a love he'd never seen. He asked what she was holding back, she told him to come closer for her to touch him again. Feeling the same overwhelming love for him she rubbed his mane and face revealing the others in front of the fall. Xavier gasped! She could see the others. He was scared they'd see him and hurried Arriana to go home. He told her he'dbe back at 9 P.M. for water again and to meet him there.




Xavier could no longer see the others when he turned to find if it were his herd they'd seen. He heads to lower stream to find Graphton and the others were there watering. He hears Graphton thinking that he wants to take them to upper fall tonight and then go to bottom falls for the entire next day. Xavier aproaches and asks why he would take them to bottom falls. Not revealing his latest version of the story from Arriana he thought maybe Graphton was ready to tell the rest. Graphton just says that it's time to graze the bottom feild tomorrow.  Xavier looked at Graphton. he seemed weaker today. He seemed less attentive to the herd he so vigorously watched years before. Xavier knew he was the new herd leader when Arriana became his rider but didn't know until now Graphton is dieing. Graphton says he has to lets the herd see something tomorrow at bottom stream. The days journey ends at upper falls as Graphton planned. Xavier waited until the rest were asleep and left for across the bank.

Arriana was waiting when he arrived. By the bushes he always had hidden behind to watch her was where he found her tonight. He told Arriana that he was leaving for a day and that he wants her to meet him back here the morning he returns. Xavier didn't think of the others for fear Arriana would know. He didn't know what Graphton had planned but was sure Arriana and himself would need to see eachother when they returned.

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