Just right love, love just right

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Life and love change all the time. Wether its good or bad, it either groes or grows apart. Sometimes its for the best sometimes for better to let go, just know how to do it right.

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012



Just right love, love just right

I've loved you with all my being,

Tried after try to show and give you my love,

My heart breaks to see you cry about "not meaning",

You had it all here, in my heart, almost that glove.


The pain my heart feels to watch you try to find,

Going without those precious things in me,

Stabbed with a poisonous thorn, the heart is blind,

You'll feel what my love gave you and even with someone else, can't see.


The thought of you finding "us", somewhere other than here,

I know you could never find again, anyone like this,

Nor, the way my love let you stay the same, and cheer.

For the man, the father,and the love, not just bliss.


My love was given all to you, with no doubts in my life,

To be the father to my babies,my love, the man,

Still in you, they deserve, for the love as in both, is also be as your wife.

That you are those, the way it is, but not again.


You'r love is a river, flowing through all it's "y"'s before the end

But the love you had, now, can only be your best friend.

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