Meddler's medley

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An interupted freindship's agrivation. Meddlers will meddle just for their own gratification of watching the others join their misery

Submitted: November 08, 2012

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Submitted: November 08, 2012



Meddler's Medley


Many live for the joy of having fun, loving, and well minded friends,

Even the thought of this makes us all go to whit's ends.

Doing what we can to keep the peace with our loved ones at all cost,

Devious people start putting in their nonsense of jealousy so that love is lost,

Looking at every aspect of their own ignorance, to turn into other's lives into their own grief,

Ending with misery as bad as the accuser's own, just for their half-wit relief.

Rummaging through you'r every move hoping to find a slight flaw to turn into a reason of blame,

So the innocent can be just as bad as the accusing's own shame.


More than not, we meet a few of those that like putting others actions into the innocents way,

Emptying the sweetest of hearts, they meddle until your grey.

Deception pouring out of their mouth just to watch you sadden to see the other believe the lies

Leaving only a miniscule of hope behind to fend the truth, because they hide behind a disguise.

Each time they've made another person hurt, they're feeling they've gained

Yet, in the long run, it's mostly the innocent one who's worse pained.





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