One Of A Kind Of Guy

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Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



All In One Kinda Guy

By: Smilie

Everyday I"m alone,I can't believe I am, Still.

Though theres only the few and far between kind,

It's harder to see, that being loved again, ever will,

The one I live without was hard to find.


Though I've met, enjoyed, and miss you so,

I can't express this for your sake of guilt?

I tried not to but we already see love we want us to know.

How could I let this beautiful flower wilt?


From the moment you stepped through that door,

That moment I sawyou, I couldn't help myself,

Liking that man I see in your eyes, wanting to know more,

See what that heart has on it's shelf


You have your life and I just leaving mine for better,

Not daring to let my heart or thoghts realize,

But meeting a real go getter

Leading myself to my own demise


How could I resist this all in one I see in you,

That heart thats so pure through and through


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