The final chapters of Arriana's secret unicorn

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Final chapters of Arriana's Secret unicorn

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012





Graphton gets Xavier's attention with a nudge. Asking why he hadn't slept but Graphton was close enough to him in the night to hear only a dull murmur of Xavier's thoughts. He dicides he can't sleep now that daylight hit but, had waited the last hour wondering what Xavier thought of all night. The look on Xavier's face and thoughts read that it was his human friend he'd not slept from.

Graphton turns to the others and wkes them. Today we are going to the bottom falls so drink what you wish now. We cannot stop until we get there or we won't be there by the time dusk hits. Graphton waits for them to fill up and they head to the bottom falls. They arrive after 8, an hour earlier than Graphton expected with his condition. They watered up and Graphton lead them on more. "Why are we going past bottom falls?" Xavier asked. Graphton stopped and took Xavier asisde. Graphton was very weak when he spoke. " I cannot die with the secret" he continues to say that there is a peice ofmemory that came after visiting the village that I hadn't made sense of until yesterday when you heard me thinking of where we'd be today. If we walk ten minutes more you will find what I couldn't these twenty five years thats passed not knowing Gavin's what Gavin's words meant untilyour human came around. I cannot go any further but you need to keep them walking ten minutes from here. The herd saw Graphton fall and they rushed to him. They all nuzzle him and say goodbye. They burried Graphton with limbs of trees they found along the path. They continued to bottom falls. When they arrived Xavier stopped a minute short and left the herd to go the minute alone incase Graphton set them up to be extinct as his rider had tried doing to them. He arrived and couldn't beleive what he saw.



Arriana was waiting where he asked her to be the next morning. pots filled and waiting to hear from Xavier. She layed down and watched the others come from behind the falls. Xavier seemed scared when he saw that I could see the others. "Why would he be scared?" She watched until she heard that familiar voice saying hello. She turned to Xavier and asked why he had to leave. She doesn't know Graphton lead my heard and was alive. Xavier turned to her again and saw the love so deep now that he couldn't help it. He rubbed against her and nuzzled her face. She said "I love you Xavier". Xavier stepped back and revealed his riders. Arriana was so shocked that she saw humans on his back. First she thought she was sad she weren't his first. Xavier felt her pain and immediately told her the ending of Graphton and where he had taken them. She watched three people her age get off his back and then the two adults. Arriana asked their names and the oldest adult male said he and the oldest female were the teachers of the upper village twenty five years ago. Gavin had stolen three children and we took care of them. The children are of the families that took Gavin's Leadership away. After Gavin left and didn't return we couldn't find our way back. Two female and one male of the villagers children were being returned!  Arriana looked at Xavier. He told them all to put their hand on his horn. They did as he asked and before the daze wore off Xavier left telling Arriana that she would tell them what she want of their being found but they cannot know of me. Arriana lead them home.



Arriana and Xavier meet at the falls the next morning. Arriana had to know why he was afraid she saw the others if she truely was their hope. Xavier came from the bushes and rubbed against her. His mane brushing her face. He responded to her thoughts. I wasn't scared of you nor that you saw the others. I was more shocked than scared. Arriana couldn't understand still. He told her his group still is not aware of humans. He had lead the humans back while the others rested in lower falls in between here and bottom falls and they were still there until he returns. Xavier asked if she saw the ones in front of the fall today, she looks over and reveals them to him again. He was amazed even more this time. The herd she'd shown him before had four others. Today they were others. There were the same four plus new fawns. Arriana looked at Xavier in wonder. She asked why he was so shocked. he told her this was part of the lost group and that recent fawns were born.CONCLUSION ON AFTERWARD PAGE

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