Waiting Breathlessly

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The words unspoken, not such a secret

Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



Waiting Breathlessly

By: Smilie

My mind and heart stuck on you,

Crushing by my own desires to be that one,

All the things you make them want to do,

Not togo past this point, speaking I shouln't have done,


Not able to express it in full,

Holding back, crying inside,

Before even knowing your name felt that pull,

 Tellind myself "no' but couldn't decide.


Waiting, wondering, then seeing you wink,

All the nerves going crazy, heart beating wild,

My thoughts of love, returning but saying no to think,

Feeling these memories again like as a child


Those things I'd thought had once come and now gone,

Reminded by you, one such the same way,

I tried not to fallbut you are the one,

"I love you", and not allowed to say.


If waiting was easy to do,

Then waiting this long I wouldn't for you

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