The Robinsons

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A funny, Yet weird story me and my friend made up. Its about a BIG family who has A BIG secret.



Hi, Im stacy. This is my story, How my life goes on and on every day.So i have a HUGE family, 3 siblings moved out Brandon, Ashley, And Emma., My 16 year old sister had TWO kids already with her HOT (shhh...)  (also, now official EX.) Boyfriend, Augustus, Five babies of ours, disapearred, or died. Me and My sister, Megan, Counted we had NINETEEN siblings (NOT counting ourselves) counting the adoptives and moved out, Or "died"... 

Our big secret

But our family has a BIG secret. We're wizards. Yeah yeah, I know. Its hard to belive. But its true. Its comes from a LONG way back. My dad (Max) Said that his Grandparents became wizards from going out in space, finding another world. Thats Wizard world, Now, Let me tell you. Its pretty hard keeping the secret, especially with the little ones. Mya, Aurora, Toby, Crissi, (short for cristina), And Aliza, Megans kid.(She had another one, Luke!) Our life gets kind of hard with millions of people in this house. It gets harder. My dad, May be a smart idiot, but he's kind of a "player" Haha, He divorced the same girl twice. Marcacella, (Mark-a-sela), Aka, The evil witch of wizard world. Shes our REAL mom. 

Our Family

To be honest i dont know how to even WRITE THIS story. For starters, People say im kind of in Megans buisness alot, Yeah i know. I hid a camera in her boot. Kind of creepy, Right? Not for us. She NEEDS me. Without me, She would be a mess. I even have proof. Anywho, Heres whats going on with everyone. Theres two twins,And One triplet pair. I have a twin. Tracy, And shes a total WEIRDO.She may have OMGD (Obsessive male gender disorder) Megan has a twin, Lola, But shes not here. Then chelseas triplets. Chelsea, Kelsey and Emily. Now, Alexa. Shes our THIRD stepmom we've had. Shes Nice, Beautiful, And officialy is creeped out beacause it turns out of LIFETIME babysitter, Lexi, Is her twin! Told you my dad is crazy. Hes just, Ugh. I dont know. Now, Augustus. Hes Megans boyfriend, I dont know how he still loves her after megan continuously breaks his heart. His heart is like duct tape, can be ripped in pieces, and still work. Augustus isn't really part of the family, but he's pretty much a big part. 

How it happened
How "It" Happened? I mean how we became WIZARDS. Yeah, I know i know. I've told you already but you need the FULL story. See, My Great grandfather was an astronaut. His name was Alfred Robinsaun. (His last name was spelled differently than ours) Anyway, He was an astronaut. He was on a mission, to be the first to go to saturn. Of course, he failed. His Rocketship failed and he landed in the land we call "Wizard world", Where everything is magical. Since he WASNT a wizard, They almost killed him! Thanks to his unknown wizard friend George, he got out. George gave him a few powers in his blood, Then he was legit and was allowed in wizard world. Then, he and Nancy, (his wife) They made my grandfather, Albert RobinSON, Then he married Alberta, And had my dad. Then he married blah blah, and had us.

Why am i writing this?

I'm writing this beacause i want everyone to know whats happening. Beacause i need to let out the drama. Im only 15, too. So don't be suprised. Anyway, Since im writing this, let me tell you about myself. I have dirty blonde hair, I look 13, Brown eyes,Etc. Im a bit weird. I usally wear anything i can find. Anyway, Heres Me and tracy. Im the one 

on the right. That was acually a few weeks ago. Anyway, Heres more...
1. I live in Arizona
2. I love animals
3. I wanna be an actress, photographer, or artist.

4. My FAVORITE sister is Megan :p
5. I love tacos.
6. Im done with these! :p
A paragraph for everyone
Heres a paragraph for everyone in my Fam- Oldest to youngest

Brandon emma and ashley..Number 1
Their moved out. 19, 20 and 21.

Megan and tracy... Number 2
She's 16, Has two kids, Aliza and Luke. She loves purple, Pizza, You know, Normal teenager stuff. She's 15, Boy obsessed and weird.
Kelsey, Chelsea, Emily... Number 3
Their triplets, You know Pink, purple, Blue.
Mya, Aurora, Crissi, Toby... Number 4
Mya is 4. Aurora is 4. Crissi is 4. Toby is 4.
Only Mya and aurora is FUll sisters. Toby and Crissi were adopted.  Toby has had a lot of broken hearts. He dated everyone so far. Haha. 
Aliza and Luke
Aliza is 2, Megan fast fowarded her age. Luke was just born, A few months old, with Augustus and now their broken up.

And for right now, Thats it. Thanks!




Submitted: December 31, 2014

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