A Confession i need to make

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Something ive needed to get off my chest for a while

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



The hate in this house is enough to kill me, you tell im stupid, and ugly, and im not worth living. You laugh at me, like this is just a game. I pace these halls, each and everyday. I grew up in this home, but the anger has become violent. Your nine months pregnant, noone knows, but these screams i have are silent. You taunt me, i can see the evil in your eyes. Who grabs there sister by the throat, your not sister of mine!

You all laugh. I swear there's no escape! but the torment you've placed apon me are a thousand pounds of drapes. I swear everyday, that i might get out. Ill never survive if i dont leave this fucking house! Remember all those punches you've landed? No problem giving out ass whoopings, you've handed. You smile at my pain, because you have pain of your own. The silence is sharp, Noone listens now that your grown. Im sixteen, the punches now dont cutt so deep. Day by day, i realise your a fox, dressed as a sheep. You come in peace, but i know these are lies. You smile to others, behind closed doors are secrets between you and I, My sister, you know i love you so much. But being next to you anymore, is like being mindfucked. I never thought in a million years, you'd be my worst enemy. What happened to Love, compassion, Serenity?  You are a ghost that haunts me, and you'll never be free, As long as i let you continue the abuse you've laid apon me.

My brother, i love you, as well. But the drugs your own, have personally dragged you to hell. You scrownge up change, to feed your addiction, its all you've ever known. I guess thats because your drug is a father, one that like ours, left us with nothing, and all alone. You have crushed every ounce of hope ive ever had. The situation between us, has gone from worse, to even more bad. You once told me, not to listen to what people say. I only listen, because What people have said, you've turned into more, each and everyday. Brother of mine, you were like a father i never had,  But as well as my sister, being strapped down to you, is me being locked up in a house with walls stuffed with pads. Drugs and abuse have taken its toll, and has became something you depend on, now your two adults living at home, and wander why your stuck everynight alone.


I swear to god, if this day is true..

I hope i never turn out, like you two.

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