My Brother.. What Happened To You?

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About my brother, life has been hard.

Submitted: May 04, 2009

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Submitted: May 04, 2009



Mikey, Brother of mine, We lived our life and acted like everything was fine. I'm sorry, your addiction won, I just hope and pray to God, that you will be alive to see my daughter or son. I cry because I lost my best friend. I made a pack to you, I wont give up, this is not our end!!

And if I had to die, I'd die right now. But your the death of me, and I bet you don't even no how. Mikey, my fear has come true, that My father, basically killed you. You alway's say, "You wanna no why Im like this, ask bobby smith (my father).''  I saw you die, God's my witness. Time went on, and you laid to rest, But Mikey, oh dear, I tried my best. Your so lost in sin, Even at your death, a new life cannot begin. Mikey, you put me through hell, Your the reason I tripped and fell. Mikey, if only you could get some help, 'Bubba', I'd help you escape from yourself. You don't need weed to make you smile, Please trust me brother, I've watched you a while. Our mother, had gave up trying. She cant trust you cause your alway's lying. I cry Mikey, Cause i no your the same. And your playin your life like it's a game. Your so blind, you cannot see, When I die, you will be right beside me. Brother, 19 and 13. So much alike, I still laugh at the memories of you fixin my bike. I think back to when you were a kid,  But the truth is, Dustin did this (my cousin). You are just another drug head, and I hope your sorry when Im  dead. You come in late at night, you still wander why you and momma fight?

Mikey, how can you be so blind? Our life is a clock and your runing out of time. If I could, Id go back to when time's were so ruff, I'd kiss your cheek because your acting so ruff. Mikey, If I could, i'd kiss away life, because I don't want to see you die. I'd give up my right's for you to be happy. I still ask myself, 'God, what happened?' Mikey, Time's went by so fast, but like an air plane, we both blew up and crashed.

Kiss my heart, cause we are finally together, Brother and sister, I love you forever. Mikey. My brother oh dear, This can't be true, please just tell me, What happened to you?

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