memory (book five)

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tyler was now snatched up off the sidewalk by the man that killed his sister. How can he get out?

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Tyler was now in some kind of room. After the man had grabbed him he had ducktaped him so tightly that it left marks on Tyler. Tyler was now sitting on a metal, rolling chair with some peices of wood stuck between the wheels so Tyler couldn't move. He also still had the duck tape on with a wripped cloth over his eyes. Tyler managed to move it around so he could see little parts of the room.

"Let me out!" Tyler yelled squirming. "Oh, you think it's just that easy huh?" The man groaned chewing on a toothpick. The man spit the toothpick on Tylers lap and chuckled mysteriously. "I said let me out!"Tyler screamed. The man swung back his hand and slapped Tyler as hard as he could making Tyler cry out. Tyler lifted up his legs and kicked the man in the stomach, winding him. The man colapsed on the ground holding his stomach. Tyler managed to grab the toothpick with two fingers and try to cut through the duck tape. A tiny slit appeared in the bottom of the duck tape letting him tear it apart.

Tyler jumped up as soon as he wripped it apart jabbing the man with the toothpick then repetedly kicking him in the head. The man then grabbed Tylers foot and swung him over his back slamming him into a brown, old, crooked table which colapsed under his weight. The man rolled over to Tyler and stuck a knife to his neck. "You listen to me kid, Or else your gonna get it." The man whispered clenching his teeth and pressing the knife harder to Tyler's neck. "Please... Don't kill me! Please!" Tyler pleaded crying. The man droppedthe knife and got up kicking Tyler in the ribs.

Meanwhile Tyler's parents were worried sick! They were sitting at the kitchen table with all the lights off exept the one over the kitchen table. "We should have told him."Tyler's mom cried lying her head on Tyler's dad's shoulder. Tyler's mom peeked through the window behind her hoping that Tyler would be there. She looked at her feet from dissapointment. "Mom!" A little voice cried out. "Tyler?" Tyler's mom jumped out of her seat and rushed for the door. She then found Tyler running for the door but getting scooped up by the man and taken away again. "Call the police! Help, Help!" She cried.

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