memory (book four)

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Is the man that killed his mom, dad and sister out to get Tyler? Or is his parents not dead? Tyler will have to investigate to see what's going on. Will Tyler live on to see the day or will he be forced to join his family?

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Tyler creeked open his parents room door to see if they were there but he found... Just a large, white, sheet bundled up on their bed. Tyler slowly walked in and scanned the room. Tyler had never really seen his parents room before. They were very strict about Tyler entering their room. Tyler always wondered if they were hiding somthing. Were they? The room had a large, king sized bed at the back of the room across from the door. then on the other side across from the bed, there was a fairly large chest with a small lock on it. The lock looked like it was rusted. "If it's rusted, Mabey I could break the lock!" Tyler said childishly rushing over to the rusted chest. Tyler looked around to see if he could spot a key but he couldn't find one.

Tyler wiggled the lock a bit and it just fell off! Almost...magicly. It couldn't just be that easy. Tyler started to think somthing suspicious was happening. Tyler slowly opened the top of the chest worried that somthing might pop out. But, nothing did! Tyler looked around rummeging in the chest. Wait. whats this? Tyler thought. It was... An adoption sertificate! "I can't believe this." Tyler muttered holding his head. Then stappled on the sertificate there was a crumpled black and white poleroid picture of Tyler in a crib at the adoption center. Then there was a picture of his real parents holding him. "How can this be?" Tyler cried. Tyler stood up slamming down the chest top.

Tyler then herad a door shutting quietly and then he heard his mom said "Quiet, don't wake him up!". Tyler then quickly put the lock on the chest again and rushed over to the glass shaded shower and quietly but quickly closed the door and slumped down. His mom then walked into the room and looked down at the adoption sertificate on the floor. "Oh no. Do you think-" "Yes, I think Tyler found it." Tyler's dad finished.  Tyler stepped out of the shower crying and slammed the shower door behind him. "Oh, Tyler sweetie. I didn't want you to find out this wa-" Tyler cut off his mom and said "How could you not tell me that I'm adopted!" Tyler cried. "It's complicated honey" His dad said touching Tyler's shoulder gently. "No it's not!" Tyler screamed pushing away his dad running out of the room crying.

Tyler slammed through the front door of the house sitting on the front steps. "I'm just gonna leave." Tyler said running to the left. Tyler sprinted as fast as he could along the cracked side walk, tears streaking along his cheeks. Then as soon as he came around a large, brick house around the corner there was the guy that had murdered his sister grabbing his arm. "Hello there." the man said squeezing his arm even harder.

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