memory (Book one)

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Tyler is now in grade four with his teacher mrs.tabeou. It's a wendsday. The sun is shining, floweres blooming at the start of spring. Somthing weird starts to go on in school. Everyone is more scared and frightened. Peter tries to ask ton's of people but they won't speak. But when he arrives at his classroom he now knows.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



Tyler is now in fourth grade with his teacher mrs.Tabeou. It's a wendsday, The sun shing, flowers blooming at the start of spring. Tyler walks to school with the spring wind swishing his brown hair back and fourth. Every day Tyler meets up with his friends when he arrives at school, But not today. There wasn't a single soul in sight. "Where is everyone?" Tyler asked his sister Fai. Fai took her earbuds out of her ears and looked around. Fai walked up to the school doors and yanked them open. Tyler followed her inside. "Whoa, It has never been this empty." Fai said. Fai is in grade eight. Fai has long blond hair and sparkaling blue eyes. Tyler has short wavy brown hair with big green eyes. Fai then spotted her boyfriend, Markspeeding past them. "Mark, What's going on?" Fai said running up to Mark. mark tried to walk away but Fai grabbed his arm. Mark pushed her and ran away. "What is up with him?" Fai said meanly.

Tyler sped to his classroom to find everyone huddled up in a corner. "What's going on?" Tyler asked everyone. "Shhhh!" Mrs.tabeou shushed Tyler. "Get down!" She yelled. Tyler huddled up in the corner. Tyler looked up to find a face in the window scannin the room for somone. The man had a black shotgun pointing at the window. The school speaker dinged on and the principal said "Attention everybody, We are having a lockdown. This is not a drill! We have locked all the doors. Thank you." The speaker clicked off. "Who is here? Why is there a lockdown?" Tyler asked frightened. The teacher pointed at the window the man is in. A tear ran down Tyler's eye in fear.

"Hello?" Fai called out to everyone. Fai spotted a shadown appearing in the glass front doors. She then spotted a man with a black gun in the window. Fai screamed in terror and ran to the nearest classroom. She tried to open the door but it was locked. She banged on the door as hard as she could screaming "Help! Let me in!" Fai ran to the next door and the next and the next but they were all locked! The man smashed through the window landing on his side. The man ran towards Fai. Fai scrammbled to get away but the man was far to fast. The man then grabbed Fai by the arm and pointed the gun towards her neck.

"Please don't kill me! Please!" Fai cried. "Shut up you worthless child!" The man screamed smacking her in the face with the gun. Fai shreaked in fear and pain. "If you make one more sound I'm gonna kill yo-" The man got cut off by a cop siren. The man turned and stared at the door. Fai broke out of his hands and ran away as fast as she could. The man spun around and got out his gun. The man pulled the triger which shot Fai. She fell to the ground breaking her arm. Fai cried holding her arm. She looked at her back and saw a big splatter of blood. Fai felt woozy. She tried to get up but she was to weak. "Help!" She screamed. The man ran out the door dropping his gun.

"What was that?" Tyler said hearing the cries out for help. "That sounded like my sister!" He sprinted out the door scrapping his hip on the door. He then found his sister lying on the ground riving in pain. "Fai! Stay here I'll get somone to help!" Tyler turned around to go to the phone. He picked up the phone and punched in 911. "Hello, I need help my sister just got shot and I'm at stoney cresent south! Help us!" Tyler dropped the phone and ran back to his sister. He took off his jacket and put it on the gun shot. "The ambulence will be here right away!" Tyler cried.

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