memory (book three)

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After the news Tyler is puzzled wether he should tell his parents or not. Should he, Or should he just keep it to himself?

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Tyler was now sound asleep in his bed. It was 5:00 am the next day after visiting the hospital and hearing the devistating news that his sister Fai was dead. Tyler wondered what killed his sister. Did surgery just go rong? Or was it somones fault? Tyler tossed and turned in bed flailing his arms around. But that night Tyler had a strange dream. But it did mean somthing. His dream was that he was on the outside of his school standing there with the cool wind streaking along his face. There wasn't a single soul in sight, Just like the other day when there was a lockdown. Tyler slowly stepped towards the front doors wondering what was happening. In the dream his sister was still dead. It almost took place in the future. Was it a warning or somthing? Tyler forced himself to walk through the big, glass doors to find out what's going on. Tyler slowly pushed through the storm doors, Feeling a cool chill while he walked through.

As he walked through the doors he heard a scream cry out! He ammidiatley spun around and saw a girl grasping for the wall so she wouldn't get dragged behind the corner! A loud, peircing shreak cried out then stopped in a flash. Tyler shook of fear and burst to his classroom. Tyler sprinted down the hallway as fast as he could and slammed through his door slamming it behind him! "Whats going on?" Tyler cried helplessly. "You... The person is here for you." A petit girl said holding herself tightly. "Who? Who's here for me?" Tyler cried in fear. Fear rived up and reached his throat almost chocking him. Tyler gulped hard trying not to cry. He slowly stepped forward. "The person who killed your sister. He's out to get your family... And your next." The girl said pointing at Tyler scrunching her eyes. The words "your next" rang in his head over and over again. The way she said it was almost, haunting.

Tyler peered through the doorway and stopped in his tracks when he found the man that killed his sister with a gun to his head. Tyler woke up crying in fear. He looked to the side and saw his alarm clock which read 5:47 am. Tyler whiped the salty tears off his cheeks sniffling. "Mom!" He called trying not to wave his voice. But his mom didn't respond. Tyler called it several times but still didn't get a single reply. After waiting ten minutes Tyler decided that he would go to them. Tyler flung his legs off his cream coloured single bed then clumping to his beat up room door. Tyler dragged his legs to his parents room and nocked twice, But he didn't get even a single groan. Tyler was starting to get worried. Then Tyler had a thought that mabey the girl in the dream was right! Mabey the man already murdered the rest of his family and he was next.

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