memory (book two)

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The lock down was finnaly over. But Tyler's sister Fai was severly hurt. Will she live?

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



The ambulence finnaly arrived stopping on a dime. A bunch of doctors ran up to Fai and put down a streacher. Fai was loosing blood fast. Fai's sight started to get hazy. "You have to stay awake." Said a doctor pushing her on the strecher. "I can't stay awake..." Fai said closing her eyes. Tyler ran over to the water fountin and cupped his hands to get water. He filled up his hands with water and ran back to fai. Water trickled down Tyler's hand. Tyler splashed it all over Fai jossling her up. Fai shivered, Water drying off of Fai. Fai started to get pale, scrunching up in a ball. They finnaly lifted up the strecher and wheeled her out. " I wanna come with her!" Tyler said to the doctors. They put Fai in the ambulence and closed a door. Tyler jumped in the other door before they shut it.

They arrived at the hospital and rushed her inside. Fai started to fall asleep again. Her eye lids could barely keep open. Fai finnaly fell asleep. five hours later Fai wke up. Fai scanned the room and found her brther, Mom, Dad and littlest sister that is four sitting in some chairs. The room had a veiw of a garden out the window. There were teddy bears all over her bead. She turned her head slowly and saw a bigvase of pink and purple flowers sitting there. Fai smirked. "How are you feeling sweetie?" Fai's dad mr.neltom said smiling. "Tired still." Fai said looking down at her arm. Her arm had a big cast on it. She sat up and looked at her back over her shoulder. There was a giant tube in the hole coming through a hole in the bed. "What is this tub?" Fai said shocked. "The tube is to refill your blood! We got some donations and so then we can replenish your blood!" Mrs.Neltom said happily.

"I want to get up." Fai said turning her body to get off the hospital bed. "No, no ,no. You can't get up fr at least three days. "I'm not waiting three hole days to get up. I'm fine." Fai pushed her self to stand up but fell landingh straight n her stomach ripping out the tube with blood coming out. Fai fell and hit her head on a hard metal chair. "Fai!" Tyler yelled running over. Tyler attempted to help Fai up but She pushed him away. "I can do this myself! Leave me alone!" Fai pushed Tyler. Tyler fell over on his back. "I was just trying to help!" Tyler stormmed out of the room slamming the door.

"Tyler sweetie! come back here!" Mrs.neltom chassed Tyler. Tyler ran into the boys bathroom into a stall. Tyler whipped a tear with his jacket sleeve. Tyler sniffled trying to suck back in his tears but was unable to. Mrs.Neltom ran into the bathroom looking around. "Tyler honey? Come out. Why are you crying!" Mrs.neltom asked holding her arm. Tyler stormmed out of the bathroom. "I want her to die! All my life she has been mean to me and now when I try to help her she just pushes me away? She will die!" Tyler screamed. Tyler didn't mean all that he said about her sentenced to die. He said that out of anger. Mrs.Neltom backed up out of shock. Mrs.Neltom left the bathroom to go back to the hospital room.

After half an hour Tyler came back into the hospital room. Tyler looked at the bed but no one was there. Tyler looked at the floor but no one was there. "Where's Fai?" Tyler asked worried. "Oh, she's gone for sugery. She will be back in an hour." Mrs.neltom said petting Tyler's sister's hair. "Ok..."Tyler sat down on the hospital bed adn waited and waited and waited. An hour later a doctor came in the room peering through the door. "Hello, Fai is all done surgery and she is just having a nap, We will let you know..." The doctor left the room running to the surgery room. The nurse slammed the operating room next door. Tyler pressed his ear against the wall and heard "Oh no! She's dead!"

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