"i dunno"

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This is meant to show the beauty of science and the ability to make believers with physical and visual proof of concept.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




I had a debate the other day about Darwin’s theory vs. the idea that God created the planet, and at the end of it, we more or less came to a stalemate. We argued about religion, faith, different views of “right” and “wrong” and the evolution process.
This debate began out of the blue more or less, so neither of us were prepared, but neither of us were able to convince the other about their side. This fact has stayed in the back of my mind since then. How could neither of us win? We are both understanding people who can see other peoples points of view, and we both came to agreements of points made by the other, so why were we still both so stubborn about what we couldn’t prove?
I came to realize it was because as humans, we will only believe what we can physically see.
Let me throw a scenario at you:
It’s the middle ages and we are all sitting in a dark cave or room somewhere. It is nighttime so we have no option but to wait until the mighty sun rises at some undetermined hour and conquers this common enemy we all share, the dark. Now, someone is sitting there and has had enough. They want to be able to see. So they imagine having access to the power of the sun at all times.
They share this idea with the group and everyone laughs. They say it is impossible to control the sun and think of him as crazy. SO now they are realizing communicating is not enough. This language everyone shares is not enough to push their idea for others to believe, so they turn to another language; math. They sit their and logically prove this imagined idea and bring it back up to the crowd. Everyone laughs again. As they sit there trying to explain the logic behind the numbers the group mocks his idea “oh and since a+a=b and c is equal your foot, then light the sun must be controllable.”  So now what.  If the idea cannot be explained using two different languages now can the idea be taken seriously? The idea needs to be described physically.
“Physics is the science of describing the physical world at its most fundamental level, and mathematics is the language most physicists use to name and image that world.”
SO physically this idea begins to come to life. The math is brought to life through specific materials and with specific forces and before you know it, a person sitting in a dark room can mimic the power of the sun by eradicating darkness in the area.
This phenomenon created from an idea is brought to the group, and a silence is shared as everyone is now able to see each others face. This imagined idea was proven to generate the same power that the sun creates.
Of course this is not at all the real story, and the sun has far more power that just shining light, but the story has shown you my point. We will not believe unless we see.
So this brings me to the religion side of the argument. One of the discussion points was “just because someone told you 1+1=2, you believe it?” I was almost left speechless to that. I am studying to be an engineer and my whole life I have believed in science, just because someone told me so. OMG WHAT IF IT ISNT TRUE AND GOD CREATED THE PLANET AND ON JUDGEMENT DAY I AM BANISHED BECAUSE I DIDN’T BELIEVE IN GOD…LIKE…THE…BIBLE…told..me..to believe???
Wait… lets look at another scenario.
Let’s say I am catholic. I believe in Jesus and God and Heaven and Hell. Ok. Why do I believe this? Well because I have faith. Ok. And where did this faith, this idea of god, come from? A book, the bible…OHH OK. Scientists need to prove ideas for people to believe them, but religion can be bought because a book told you so?
Where is the proof? God, Jesus, Mother Mary sounds legit and all. The stories match and sound good, but what if this idea was just imagined? Lets go back to the cave.
While the idea of light is being proved, experimented and developed, everyone else is listening to the idea of God to help pass the time. Oh and no one laughs in this ideas face because there’s a old testament that tells us about it. Man made book. The story was engraved in a wall? Man made book but on rock instead of paper. No one alive can prove that god exists, but I could prove to you light exists by grabbing a circuit board and showing you.
So my question is where is the argument. People never believed that we could “freeze time” but pictures were invested. No one believed we could fly or make those ‘impossible’ pictures move, but planes and videos were invented. Don’t you dare question the existence of God though because that means your faith is weak…
I think it means no one has a good answer so don’t you dare question us, and why is that?? Because you’ll go to this imagined place Hell that we cant prove to you exists but trust us! It’s there!!
Yeah, ok.
But enough about bashing religion for a minute, lets bash the big bang theory and evolution. I cannot make a monkey turn into a human in front of your eyes. And scientists cannot tell you what happened before the big bang because time wasn’t invented before then and you cant compare this time to a time which didn’t exist. “it’s a incomprehensible nothing”
So what are we left with now? Why are we here and what is the right answer?
I don’t know. I believe that “weak faith” and “an incomprehensible nothing” are excuses covering up the real answer “I dunno”, but we are still left with our creativity. Humans are creative. Weimagine stories in our head and wanna show everyone how smart we are so we write books or go out and prove it.
Don’t get me wrong; this principle has created a society that I love to live in. I hate not having answers but I enjoy the luxury of having a computer to catalog the insane creations of myimagination. But the creation of all these ideas will continue to lead to nothing but a “I dunno” 

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