Orion's Belt

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Its a story based on the poem "song" by William Wordsworth about Lucy gray were she a young adult.Theres no real conflict and resolution its motive is just for you to experience i think.Its not a happy little story but give me some feedback please!

Submitted: April 17, 2011

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Submitted: April 17, 2011



Orion’s Belt
Lucy Gray walked down the eight flights of stairs from her flat to the ground floor, her hands carefully avoiding the peeling paint and rust of the railings. She always felt so cramped and suppressed in that tiny apartment; it was a constant reminder of her failing writing career. Lucy had moved to the city to become a novelist, she thought that the city would be filled with inspiring infrastructure and people. She wrote her manuscripts laboriously feeding them with her entire being, only to have over twenty publishing houses reject them. Now she was just another success-reject, waiting tables, hoping that someone will one day recognize her talent.
Once outside in the cool evening air, Lucy smiled her first smile of the day. She walked down the street and turned into the park, she could finally breathe. She inhaled a deep breath of the crisp air, closing her eyes, tilting her head back, her long, dark lustrous hair swaying in the breeze. She filled her lungs with the serenity of the plants, trees and the stars above. The stars. She opened her eyes, her violet irises bright with new life, shone in dim lighting of the park.


She walked along the winding path, dotted with pale lampposts. Others would probably be frightened, out late, alone in a deserted park, but not Lucy. Then again Lucy was a strong girl, she had to be. She looked up at the stars and immediately found Orion’s belt. She remembered the first time she had found it.
It was fourteen years ago. At eight years old when a child is with her father she are never worried, she is safe. At night her father used to point out the stars, the constellations and they would try and make up new ones. However that night Lucy was worried. She had not seen her mother in over a week and her father had told her that she had gone on holiday, but Lucy knew better than that. Her father walked faster than usual, his hand too tight around his small daughter’s, her little legs constantly tripping, trying to keep up. Suddenly they stopped and turned sharply up an unfamiliar drive way. Once at the doorstep, her father crouched down in front of Lucy and told her to stay there until he returned. “But daddy I’m scared…and there aren’t any lights outside,” she said, her face pouty and sullen.
“Look sweetie the stars are always here, these are your lights. Tell you what, you find Orion’s belt for me and when you find it I’ll come back. Remember it’s the one with the three bright stars in a row”. That was the last time she saw him.
She retraced the steps she had taken dozens of times from the parks entrance, past the playground and the cherry blossom trees and to the pond. She sat down at the waters edge, thinking.
In the same park a man had spotted Orion's belt as well, he remembered telling his daughter about it, the last time he saw her. It was a painful memory, he remembered telling himself repeatedly that it was for her own good, without her mother he knew nothing about taking care of her, he could not do it by himself, he was not a worthy father.


At the waters edge, Lucy did not hear the other man approaching behind her. Suddenly, there were hands pinning her arms behind her, another seized the back of her head, using her hair for a better grip. The arms plunged her face into the freezing water; she felt the cold cut of the water, her senses exploding. She fought and twisted in his grasp. Her unanticipated strength forced him to fall back and bring her face out of the water. She gulped in the air, spluttering and coughing out water. She caught a glimpse of Orion’s belt and before she could think, her entire head was forced back into the frigid pool. She held her breath as long as she could before her body betrayed her and exhaling the air, inhaling the water. The burning, choking feeling was soon over, and Lucy Gray lay dead, her eyes wide open with her hair slowly moving with the water’s motion.
The man walked past the playground and the cherry blossom trees, towards the pond. What he saw cut his gentle stride mid-step. A woman laying down, half of her body on the grass, half in the water, her hair swaying eerily in the water, like a dance to a morbid tune heard only by the departed. He felt his body waver, slightly, but he knew that he had to help this woman, suddenly, he felt a great wave of concern spread throughout his body, and a long forgotten, suppressed, smothered feeling returned to him. He sprinted to her side and gently turned her body up to face him. That is when he saw them, his own violet eyes staring up, not at him but to Orion’s belt.

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