Some Poems By Name

Some Poems By Name

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry




some poems of my life that i have developed............
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some poems of my life that i have developed............

Chapter1 (v.1) - Some Poems By Name

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some poems of my life that i have developed............

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 13, 2011







!!!I MET YOU!!!



!!!I MET YOU!!!


An evening on a lonely street...


with drizzle of water,

Just when I put forward my feet,

met an angel , listen O my dear....

A calm silence of heart i felt ,

can you say!!

Is it LOVE or what ??

The most beauty feeling of my life...

in my view.

I felt for the first., and

This was the New.

Why it was the most beauty wheather


that day.

The day of love and excite and,,

The Day when........





A Creation Of God, A Color From Seven....

Neither Any Truth, Nor A Dream It Even...

A Silent Seeing Face, With Lots Of Fun....

A Truth In Ur Eyes..As Being A Human....

A Believe Of Parents, A Dream Of Lover...

Reason Of Smile On The Face Of My Brother...

A Strength Of My Sister, My Friends Friend Ever.

It Is Not U, It Is Not They..It Is Me No One Other........






On a sweet morning,

I saw her slowly walking alone on the street.

only blinking star of my heart sky,

one of my dream, my angel she is anyway.....

she was the first and last raindrop on me,

the blue lily of my sweet pond..

then why??

she gone away in midway......?

anyway my heartbeat says

she must awake one morning and,

i will be there for her , just to say....

now i got disappointed that what would I say ???

yes nothing rather than the above...................

!!!I HAVE TO SAY!!!!


Why little Not MORE


Little is something and

that something is more ...

When you don’t want again,

something little then after....


The time is now to enjoy and cheer

but more enjoy that i feel as boar...

Success may become failure why??

due to more joy and

due to more cheer .............

So So So................all my dears.

share the fear , share your cheer,

share the joy, share your tear....

want as per... need as per,,

then live the life without fear.

and with more dears.........





 Birth is the start of life, death is the aim  

they wins always who believes in them.

love is the beauty of life , serve is the goal

so always do the thing love all serve all.

survive is the drama of life, everyone has a role

acting is the part of life, always chose the best one.

dream is the wish of life, truthness is the end

work is the duty of life, so do the work as well... 





Life goes a little bit different we think. Sometime red become orange,sometime we becomes I.A little tear sometime may fall to show the sorrowness and that time some are there to wipe it up which we never expected to be .


A range that we never thought to achieve some time comes closer but still we unable to get it everytime....after millions time we try,always a little bit remain un full fill that we expected due to acceleration of our mind while thinking about it before...

No doubt that we think it heartly and starting seeing it with us,but when the time comes then we comes to know the fact

it is true that some of these are naturally true that it had to be,but some of these thing are depends upon some persons who are independent...

then O everyone a line to say "why these independent people are acting as fully dependent one???"

if they will try a little bit then the dream that one had seen may come true. so this is the message to all that.......

"See the dream that may come true.but same time be yourself the reason to make your dream come true.

and be the reason to make the dream come true of other....."

this may not change everything but i hope it may be a part of it...this may not change everyone but i hope it can change a single......































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