Skim milk

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Skim milk, skim this, take what you need.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



Skim this body of work,

Skim milk, watered down with

A missing child’s picture

On the carton

A face drawn long ago

Imagined 15 years

Into the “now”

But never found,

And now,

Somewhere underground


Skim pasteurized milk from

An unknown, nameless animal

The animal with one robotic friend

A perverted arm that milks and milks

As he waits and waits

His death unforeseen, painless, quick

Over and over and over again

His one friend,

Dead all the time

And milking


Skim milk by the gallon

Row after row of choices

There’s a man behind the glass

There’s a man behind the cartons

There’s a man wearing an apron watching

As you decide between 2 percent and skim

There’s a man inside your blue eye reflection

As you think of death

In the foggy mirror


He stocks the empty shelf by your feet

With whole, Un pasteurized, raw milk

You see his hair, his sad balding head

You see him in your reflection

And deep inside something familiar

Pulls you away

You grab grapefruit juice instead

And continue down the white, bountiful isle


Skim this body of work

This watered down pasteurized anthology

Remember a face, a name, a place maybe

And that’s it…

That’s enough for now

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