Bullying sucks

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I am so sick of people bullying other people. By the way I am sorry for any typos but I wrote this very spur of the moment.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



I'm so sick of this missplaced agression,

cutting people down in succession,

they never did a thing to you,

they were just trying to stay true,

and what did you do?

You attacked them for your own sick fun,

well you know what i'm done,

I refuse to be a part of this mind game,

I refuse to put others down just for a little social fame,

get over your sublimity,

and show some humility,

because in the end we all bleed the same,

life's ment to have sunshine with a little rain,

but because of you someone's crying,

inside someone's dying,

and you wont care untill one day they bring a gun,

tell they decide they wanna have fun,

till you've push them so far that life's a chore,

that they don't wanna live anymore,

all because of your,



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