Feel the Love

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Does love exist?
Have you ever fallen in love?
Is it possible to forget our first love?
My article is on love and the experience I had while traveling in train.

What is love?

I may be stupid to ask you such question? It has been defined and proved by the greatest people like
Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Lalila-Majnu and many more.

Their love stories are immortal and we idolize them and crave for that kind of love in our life. Some people get the love, marry them and live life happily and few hide their feelings without expressing them in a fear of losing them and marry the person their family suggests.

Do you think its possible to forget our first love? Hmmm…what do you say?

According to me no matter whom you marry in your life, you will think about the person atleast once in a day before going to bed and that feeling is really awesome.

Love can happen anywhere - any time, we don’t need specific time, day or reason to fall in love. 

Mumbai is the city of love and the busiest city; where people don’t have time to look around. Half of the time is gone in the local trains. It’s the place, where we not only travel but we meet different people with different visions, professions, life style. Some become part of the life and few just stay in our memory.

Many people come to sell different things/items in local train just to meet their daily needs. But it has made our life much easier and simpler; we don’t have to look out for shop to buy such things. From eatable item to beauty products everything is available in the local train itself.

It was during the Mount Mary Fair, while I was travelling to Bandra with my sister and mom, I met two unknown person in my local train.

A tall, dark and an average looking guy in his mid-twenties wearing white shirt and black pant came in to the ladies coach to sell the fried chips and a toffee made of tamarind. Exact opposite to our seat there was a girl wearing cream color dress standing at the foot board of the train. She was short and an average looking girl.

Their conversation attracted me and my sister towards them. As usual the guy initiated the conversation. Holding the handle from one hand, he leaned towards the door and asked the girl to come inside the train as it was unsafe to travel on the footboard. He quietly introduced himself and asked her whereabouts. I could see the blush on their faces while they were talking to each other.

The guy was really attracted to her and kept following her wherever she was going and tried to make conversation with her. He was so engrossed in her that he didn’t bother to sell any of his stuff. It was very evident by looking at the girl that even she was fascinated by him.

Later few more commuters came in; some went and sat near the door.The girl moved her luggage near to the door and sat on it. She started talking to the woman who was sitting in front of her. The guy followed her and started talking to her but to my surprise I could feel the change in the girl’s behavior, she started avoiding the guy. It was really sad to see that. She should not have reacted in that way. She gave all the expectations to the guy and all off a sudden her feelings vanished and she started behaving weirdly. Poor guy tried hard to speak to her but later he realized that she is not interested and moved away from there.

After selling few of his toffees he got down at Andheri. My eyes were continuously following him, I could feel he was upset very upset. He was just looking at the girl with an expectation that she will see him or talk to him. But nothing like that happened.

Our train was just about to depart; then one of his friend came into our compartment to sell household items. That guy j boarded the train and stood near the door. He didn’t sell anything. He was endlessly looking at the gal but she was not all responding to his love.

Finally the guy realized and got down with us in Bandra .

It was just a one sided love or you can say love at first sight. It can happen to anyone. Even if our brain stop us from falling in love but our heart will never. There will be someone in our heart till the end of our life.

The guy will surely never forget her. It was not the end of the story, he usually see her in the same local almost every day. May be someday she will respond to his feeling or it will never happen.


Spread love and fall in love..it’s a just wonderful feeling which cannot be expressed but it can only be felt.



Submitted: September 26, 2014

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