Mall of America

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First time ever seeing the mall of America

Submitted: December 26, 2007

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Submitted: December 26, 2007



Mall of America

Got up in the morning and got ready to head out with Ann to Mall of America for the first time ever. Ann picked me up around 11:00am and we went to Mall of America togather. WoW! It was amazing to finally go see the Mall of America after all this time.We arrived there and parked and went in to look around Ann and I looked in all these neat little stores.

We went into this hat shop and watched this guy make hats it was neat, we went into this store that had every kind and every single style of jig saw puzzles that you could think of it was neat to look at all the different pictures. I wanted to go to spencers so Ann went with me they had all kinds of lamps and pretty much anything that you cold think of.

I also wanted to to into clairs that is a place I really like to shop when I am by one they had all kinds of neat and different things I bought a necklace there. Ann asked me if I wanted to look at the rides I said it sounded like fun so we went down to the first floor and looked at the rides and the venders.

They had some rides I have never seen before any where they had a big ax ride a semi truck ride they looked fun, most of the other rides were pretty basic.

Ann and I had fun watching a guy do air brush painting of a young girl WOW! It was neat to watch I also, had lots of fun going into this big arcade it was huge it was fun to look at all the different games I have never seen so many at once it was cool. After we did all the walking around we got a little hungry so Ann asked me where I wanted to go eat I said I did not know so she picked the place. I thinkg she picked the best place in the whole mall of all the others we passed.

Ann picked the rain forest cafe it was really neat and one of a kind they had all kinds of ral fish in there huge fish tanks a crocodile that moved that looked real butterflies that moved there wings monkeys that moved and made noise some ate bananas, birds that moved and etc. Pretty much anything that lives in the rainforest.

The neat thing about the rain forest cafe is the lighting and the trees and animals make sounds it looks and feels like you are in a rain forest it was awsome. I had a really great lunch there I had a pasta with noodles alfrado sauce, tomatoes,mushroons,and shrimp it was great with a piece of garlic bread we sat and ate by a big tank of fsih.

When we were done eathing we went and looked around the rain forest gift shop and I found a couple of knickknacks to remember the fun time Ann and I had togather.

After the gift shop I got a pina calada and then we found a star bucks for Ann cause she wanted coffee and we had some great cookies to. We wrapped up and she brough me back around 5:30pm it was tons of great fun for the first time ever with Ann at the Mall of America.

written Aug 30 2007


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