Minnesota state fair

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The fun day at the Minnesota state fair

Submitted: December 18, 2007

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Submitted: December 18, 2007



  Minnesota state fair

Got up and got ready to go to the Minnesota state fair for the first time ever. David and sand picked me up at 12:00pm and drove me to the fair in a pt curser. I could not get over how huge the fair was there was tones of things to look at crafts,cakes, clothing,quilts and etc.

There were tons of rides some that I have never even seen before like a mobey dick ride sky rides. They had tons of games but most I have seen before I did not play games or go on rides because it was pretty sunny and hot day.

There was a butter fly barn something I had never seen before, all kinds of butterflies flying around in a barn. There was also a food barn where you could buy pretty much any kind of food you can think of.

At the fair we saw bulls, chicks,horses, pigs, and goats Dave and I went into the pig barn we saw a pig that weighed 1,200 pounds it was huge it is the biggest I have ever seen. We also saw a human statue that was a pirate it was pretty neat.

We watched a little bite of the lumber jack races listed to some music we all watched an entertainer for a while he was really amazing it was something you don't just see anywhere he juggled metal cups did tricks with a ball did tricks with a bat and rode on a 1 wheel bike.

Juggled twirled a ring on his ankle all at the same time it was great and amazing to watch I bought a couple things to remember how much fun we had being togather. The day with Sandy and David are memories of a life time.

written Aug 31st 2007


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