A Dark Meeting in an Alley

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Yet again, the writing is so short that a summary would spoil the reading.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Ponderous puffs of smoke climbed slowly from the burning tip of a cigarette to touch the acid stained skies of the inner city. The burning tip flared to life and died in time to the breathing of the man whos cold hand held it. His movements were precise and almost graceful in their efficiency. One could assume he was a man of purpose, with every action corresponding to a calculated intent. One could also assume he was a man of wealth or good lineage with his pristine dress clothes, cut to fit him with as much precision as every action he makes. Everything about him was sharp: the piercing blue eyes, the perfectly groomed facial hair, the classy clothes, and even his attitude.


He glanced down at the glittering watch adorning his left wrist, as if in anticipation. 11:55, the dead of night. This was no time for someone with money to be loitering in the inner city. The streets and alleys were just as polluted with malevolent people as the clouds that poured acid rain upon a once fertile and beautiful land. Industry had done much to everything natural and healthy that once had been.


A shuffling approached the sharp individual. Tucked away in an alley off of a main road, any kind of encounter could happen between these two without legal repercussions. Enforcers of the law rarely went to the inner city as it is. Those who did, and especially at night, left the enforcing of the law out to the less dangerous locations and parts of the city. The rule of the inner city often belonged to whomever could best manage it, through whatever means necessary.


As the shuffling stranger approached, the sharp individual addressed him first, with his voice thick despite being hushed.

"Bastion," he said, "you take a grave risk doing this for me, b-"

"Oh!" Bastion interrupted, "It'll be worth it, Meridian. Those bastards'll burn and I'm getting paid for it too!"

"Be quiet or someone will hear you, idiot. If we're doing business, let it be done."

"Uh, yeah. Okay," mumbled Bastion while his lengthy fingers fumbled around within his overcoat's pockets to find what it was the man he called Meridian wished for.


Meridian himself shifted his weight from foot to foot and fingered his cold, silent companion with equally cold fingers. He saw the fumbling fingers withdraw from the coat, bearing a slightly luminescent data storage unit. His own fingers then sought out a credit chit, the likes of which was handed to Bastion in return for the data storage unit. Bastion eyed the chit eagerly as he verified it, while almost as if on schedule, Meridian received a call.


He heard "James, do you have it yet?" deep in his ear. Bastion remained oblivious as James replied to the male voice "Yes, Keller. I've got the DSU" with just a thought.

"Are you alone? I'm coming to pick you up," Keller said.

"No," thought James, "but I will be shortly."


Bastion was just looking up from verifying the chit and his eyes widened as he saw the last thing he'd ever see. He dropped instantly as three deadly pieces of cold metal tore through his left lung, heart, brain, and into the wall behind him. Each shot inhumanly fast in rapid succession, the sound of the silenced rounds echoed into the streets. To those who hadn't heard a silencer before, it sounded as if someone had punched a hole in a can for no reason.


James walked out of the alley and entered Keller's black car with tinted windows through a silence so thick that it could suffocate.


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