The Fire that Burns

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Dealing with a fire and a very ignorant gas station attendant.

Submitted: April 06, 2009

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Submitted: April 06, 2009



As I walked by the gas station at the end of the block, I noticed the driver of a truck panicking by one of the gas pumps.  His truck engine had back fired when he attempted to start it and a small fire had burst out from beneath the hood.  The driver was busy vainly trying to put out the flames with a small cloth rag. Seeing he was in trouble, I ran over to assist.  Instinctively, I pulled my coat off and threw it over the flames hoping it would be enough to choke out the fire.  While the fire dwindled down substantially, it wouldn’t go out. 


Looking around, I spotted the gas station attendant inside the store.  I charged through the doors of the store and yelled, “I need a fire extinguisher!” His response caught me completely off guard, “No!”  I pointed outwards and growled “Give me a break, that guy’s truck is on fire dammit!”.  The attendant responded, “That’s not my problem! This is for store use only!” I thought to myself “What the F...?”, but didn’t have time to argue with the idiot.  My mind searched for another option.  It was then I remembered I had a fire extinguisher tucked away in the trunk of my car back at home.  Running to my old Chevy Nova, I popped the trunk open and grabbed the fire extinguisher.  Sprinting back to the guy’s truck, I pulled the locking pin out of the extinguisher, aimed at the fire while squeezing the handle.  As the extinguisher's white powder sprayed out, the fire died down rapidly and finally went out.


Stopping to catch my breath, I backed up and took a look at my now charred coat. It was clear the coat was no longer useful as it was burned heavily in several places and smelled of smoke.  The driver looked at me sheepishly and apologized.  I responded, “Well, at least we were lucky the truck didn’t start a larger blaze.” Considering the truck was right next to a pair of gasoline pumps, it could have been a total catastrophe.  Too angry at this point to deal with the gas station attendant, I furiously stomped back home.  Unfortunately, I now needed both a new fire extinguisher and a coat because some jackass gas station attendant wasn’t being helpful. 


It wasn’t until later that my one of my friends chided me by saying, “Hey man, you could have simply called the Fire Marshal on the gas station attendant - right?”  Awww crap!  Being that I was fresh off the farm and only 21 years old, I was simply too naive at the time.  I didn’t realize the Fire Marshal would have taken a dim view on the gas station attendants refusal to hand over the fire extinguisher.  To this day, I still regret not having called the Fire Marshal afterward to have the gas station attendant “roasted” appropriately. 


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