The Jig Is Up

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An attempted hoax involving snow and some rather odd looking footprints. Will the hoax succeed? Does anyone care? Not likely. ;)

Submitted: March 24, 2009

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Submitted: March 24, 2009



When I was going through one of my more devious stages of life, I tried pulling off a copycat prank.  At the time, I watched a TV show about a fella who orchestrated a hoax to deceive others. After fabricating footwear in the shape of huge bare feet, he stomped around in the snow leaving tracks for others to find.  Taking large strides as he walked about, he sought to fool people into believing it was a Sasquatch like creature responsible for leaving the tracks. 

With the same idea in mind, I took a coping saw and a wooden board into the workshop to create an unusual pair of footwear.  Using the saw, I cut out a pair of rather odd looking patterns with three pointed toes in front, and a small sharp toe at the back. The footprint cutouts resembled some kind of huge bird or dinosaur tracks - at least that’s how I saw them in my mind's eye.  It took several attempts to successfully attach the cutouts to the bottom side of my boots. Locating the necessary materials for binding, straps were fastened to the tops of the cutouts. The straps were then slide over the top of my boots to hold the cutouts in place. 


Ready to try out the footprint-making snowshoes, I meandered out into the windbreak to the south of the house.  I found a log I could sit on and attach my custom footwear.   After attaching both snowshoes, I began a slow trudge around the edge of the windbreak, as if I was a creature foraging for something to eat.  Eventually, I walked into an area where I could camouflage my exit point.  Taking off the wooden footwear, I hid my departure tracks by brushing my foot prints out of the snow behind me before returning to the house.  And then I waited. 


Working in my favor, the sun came out and started melting the snow.  The finer details of became obscured, hiding the flat and unnatural look of the tracks as the snow slowly melted.  Two days after I made the tracks, Dad walked into the house wearing a large grin,.  Laughing, he said, “Ya had me scratching my head there for a few minutes!”  Having seen the unusual footprints in the snow, he wondered what the heck could make such strange looking tracks.  Knowing something was fishy, he inspected the tracks carefully, eventually finding a telltale sign of a hoax.  In my haste to make the snowshoes, I couldn’t find a large enough piece of wood to create footprint patterns larger than my own boots.  As I walked around with the snowshoes, the back part of my boots occasionally left a heel imprint in the snow, providing a clue about the culprit.  Having found proof it was a hoax, Dad knew immediately which one of the clan was responsible.  It had my scheming signature written all over it. For a few brief moments, my hoax raised an eyebrow so in some sense, I was successful. And when it comes to things like this in life, I'll take any win I can get.


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