Toadstool Trouble

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At least one child ate his vegetables, even if it was the wrong kind.

Submitted: February 22, 2009

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Submitted: February 22, 2009



Along with parenthood comes the inevitable experience of raising a problem child. Every parent has one. Sometimes even two, three, or more! You know the type, the son or daughter who causes a ruckus with nary a second thought. And when it comes to trouble, little Tiger set the precedent from day one. When little Tiger arrived, the doctor slapped his behind to hear his healthy cry. After letting out a loud wail, the little beast stuck out his tongue at the doctor to show displeasure. But it doesn’t stop there. Oh, heavens no. Ever diligent, little Tiger strives to insure mother and father never have a moment to relax. For as they know so well, if it involves trouble, little Tiger finds it without breaking a sweat.

Take today for example, the sun shines while mother Lois hangs clothes on the line to dry. Little Tiger, not even three years old, uses his wobbly legs to scoot about on the green grass. He toddles about beside mother Lois while she pins the laundry to the line. Mother Lois, ready to wrestle a large blanket from the laundry basket, turns her back for only the most fleeting of moments. Little Tiger seizes the opportunity and makes a mad dash right straight for trouble with a capital T. T stands for trouble and T stands for toadstool! Quick with a grab, little Tiger’s hands capture the strange shaped prize his eyes desire.

Come here little thing, I'm wanna see what you taste like.

Chomp! With a look of pride, little Tiger turns to mother Lois and holds up the toadstool as if to say,

Hey Momma, looky how I took a great big bite from my veggies! Aren't you so proud of me?

Oh my, little Tiger, now the star of the show, will cause quite the commotion. Father Lee’s work in the field must now come to an end as mother Lois catches his attention with a wave and a shout. Like a wild man, father Lee leaps from his tractor and bounds towards the house, kicking up clods with his king-sized shoes. Father sees the toadstool and knows what to do, he gives everyone a hurried nudge into the car. With each child in place, we’re off for a race as father Lee pushes the gas pedal all the way to the floor. The telephone poles whiz past, faster and faster, causing little Tiger to laugh out loud with glee.

Whee! Let's go faster Daddy! Oh boy!

Little Tiger eyes grow larger when the car slows down.

Wait, what's up ahead? Is that the doctor's office? Oh no, not the doctor's office!

The car lurches to a stop and everyone dashing inside to pay a visit. The patients with appointments must wait a bit longer. For trouble you see, has neither the patience, nor time, to wait in a line. Doctor man leads mother, father, and little Tiger into a clean white room where he carefully examines the toadstool. So thoughtful of mother Lois to bring it along don’t you agree? Doctor man assures her the sun will still rise the following day with little Tiger in tow. But why is he reaching for such an evil looking thingamajig? Hmm, little Tiger has to say bye bye to his veggie breakfast while Doctor man makes the bad toadstool go away.

No more toadstools for you young man!” says the big Doctor person. “You’ve gobbled it down, now I’ll siphon it out.” He siphons and pumps till the toadstool is gone. But as one might guess, little Tiger still remains the same devilish problem child.

On the trip home, mother and father breath a sigh of relief. As they gaze at each other their eyes seem to say,

These little hooligans certainly keep us on our toes don't they?

The excitement is over for the moment at hand, but tomorrow brings another day. Maybe little Tiger will try to see what happens if he jams a screwdriver into that funny looking electrical socket by the TV. But to mother and father, dealing with trouble is normal and welcome because it means none have departed from the family they treasure.

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