coming out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Coming out.

Jason was young and insensitive. He was the youngest employee in a small trading company. Without thinking, he went around telling the rest in the office,” Pssst!!!! Sam’s wife is a dyke, she left him for a butch.”

Steve replied, “It is such a blow under the belt, it won’t have been so bad if she left him for a man.”

Submitted: July 12, 2007

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Submitted: July 12, 2007



Coming out.

Jason was young and insensitive. He was the youngest employee in a small trading company. Without thinking, he went around telling the rest in the office,” Pssst!!!! Sam’s wife is a dyke, she left him for a butch.”

Steve replied, “It is such a blow under the belt, it wouldn’t have been so bad if she left him for a man.”

That was the office gossip going round and round of how Sam’s wife Laura came out after twelve years of "heterosexual" marriage. When Sam came in after his day of sales traveling, there was a big hush.

Poor Sam. For eleven years Laura never showed any of a lesbian orientation. When Julie started coming to the house, he thought she was coming over to help Laura in her university assignments. When he traveled overnight, Julie would spend the night with Laura, claiming she missed the ferry. It was convenient to sleep on the sofa since she had to come over from the mainland the next day.

Sam remembered vividly the first time he set sight on Laura. Laura was a young seventeen who had come up from the country to work in the big city. She worked in a made to order sandwich bar. Sam was thirty and had been busy working since he left college. As he entered the lunch bar, he saw this new bubbly young girl.

“Hi, how shall I help you this morning?”

“A ham and cheese sandwich please.”

Laura gave him a generous double portion to ham and cheese on his rye bread.

“Here you are, enjoy your meal, and do come again.”

That was how Sam met Laura, and he continued to buy a sandwich whenever he was in town. The feeling of attraction was mutual. The small town country Laura was impressed bySam's elegant speech and pleasant manner and smart attire.

“You like a drink with me after work at the pub?”

“I thought you will never ask.” The delighted Laura replied, “Can you drive me home to get change before we go?”

“No problem, I will pick you up at 6pm.”

Laura packed dinner, “It’s all the stuff that we didn’t sell, they would go to the bin otherwise, and what a waste it is.”

Laura was sharing a bed sitter with another girl from the country. There was only a small table. Laura and Sam sat down eating the left over chicken salad and then got ready to go to the pub.

Sam and Laura became an item. Sometimes, they didn’t bother to go to the pub and sat watching television and eating leftover sandwich bar food, and drinking beer.

One day, Laura said her flat mate left and they had the bed-sitter all to themselves. Sam didn’t have to go back to his house that night. After a drop too much, Laura said it was stifling hot, she wanted to change into something more comfortable.

Laura went to the bathroom and came out with a crimson red negligee and Sam could see her provocative body through the silhouette.

Her breasts were two firm softballs with the nipples protruding and screaming at him, “Squeeze me, squeeze me.”

Sam looked down her mount and he could see the brown tuft forming a triangle on the top of her legs. Sam could resist no longer. All the previous months, he had been acting as a perfect gentleman and knowing that she was under aged, he kept his hands to himself.

But not tonight, he jumped at her, grabbed her breasts, kissed her deeply and they were ecstatic.

“I love you, Sam. I wanted you to make love to me for so long.”

“I love you too, Laura.”

Then it didn’t make sense for Laura to continue paying rent for the bed-sitter. Laura moved in to Sam’s house and they were happy in their de facto relationship.

It was fashionable to introduce each other, “my partner.” No one bet an eye though everyone knew that Laura was only seventeen. When her parents and family came to the city to visit, she would introduce him as “my landlord.”

One day, Sam picked Laura up with exciting news.

“I won the sales man of the year, and I have two tickets and all expense paid to Fiji. We can have a Fijian beach wedding.”

Laura felt she was at cloud nine. She was basically a small town girl in heart, and was always hoping to have a wedding. It was a pity that her family would not be there for her wedding, but a beach wedding. How romantic could that me.

Laura felt very excited in the plane, she had never been in the plane before. She clung on to Sam during the flight. She was so in love with Sam.

When they arrived at the hotel, a girl gave her and Sam a lei of white frangipani flowers. A PR lady told them when they had freshened up, they could ring for her to discuss the wedding plan.

They were impressed at the luxurious wedding suite. There was a double bathtub which doubled as a Jacuzzi. There was a welcome basket of fresh fruit of mango, paw paw and oranges.

Laura jumped on the king size bed. Turned the cover over and saw the crimson satin sheets.

“I don’t want to leave this place, I want to stay here for ever. Come Sam, let’s make love.”

“Laura, that can wait, we need to talk to the PR lady for the wedding.”

“No! Sam, I want you right now.” And Laura started stripping herself, and was about to strip Sam.”

“OK, we have to make this fast, the PR lady can wait, but the sunshine can’t, we need to go to the beach”

After they were spent, Laura wanted to use the jaccuzi.

“Come on, we can do this after dinner.”

The PR lady got a waiter to bring them their welcome courtesy drink and started talking about the wedding. The wedding was scheduled at eleven am and at the beach. They went to the beach where there was a palm leaf arch.

“This is where you will stand under the arch during the wedding ceremony, Our chief will perform the ceremony and there will be two of our staff who will be your witness. After the ceremony, you will choose a coconut and plant it at our vast garden. There will be a plague which says “Laura and Sam” so you will know that it is your tree.”

“How romantic.”

They went back to their room after their briefing.

“It’s not the same when you don’t have friends and relatives at your wedding.”

“We can’t have everything, can we?”

They enjoyed a delicious candle lit dinner and Laura wanted to go back to the room to use the jaccuzi. She took a few bottles of spirits from the mini bar and slipped off her clothes and ordered Sam to come in the jaccuzi. In the heat of the hot bottles, and the influence of the brandy, they felt very sensual and they made love again. They luxuriated in the hot bubbly jaccuzi, a life style of the rich and famous.

“Better hit the sack, we got to wait up early if we want to tour around the country and come back in time for the wedding ceremony.”

“I don’t care for the wedding ceremony, I just want to stay in bed with you.”

Laura didn’t want to wake up in the morning, Sam felt like a grumpy old man. By the time, she was ready, the time for breakfast was over. Laura wanted to call for room service.

“Laura, room service is not part of the package, it cost too much money.”

“Is this the way to treat your bride?”

Sam gave in, and let her ring for room service. It took so long to come and it was time to go for the ceremony. Laura was in a foul mood when the PR lady knocked on their room to remind them that it was past eleven and they had to run everything on schedule because they had arranged weddings back to back.

Laura didn’t feel very romantic after that, she always dreamt of having her best friend as her bridesmaid, and her nieces and nephews as flower girls and page boys.

“What is a wedding without family and friends?” muttered Laura. She regretted coming to Fiji.

The wedding ceremony went on like clockwork, the brides and grooms were ushered to many stations like a conveyor belt. The hotel was experienced and they have couples all over the world to capture the romances of a beach wedding.

The next day, they flew home. It was as if the bubble of excitement had burst and reality had sunk in.

Things too returned to normal, until Laura got pregnant. As an old fashioned husband, Sam said he was earning enough for Laura to stay at home and take care of the baby Jon. The next year, Mary came along. Laura felt house bound. There were diapers, diapers and more diapers. Laura took the two kids who looked like twins to play group, and sat moaning and groaning to other mums that she didn’t have a life.

One day, when the kids were older and Mary had entered school at five, Laura heard from another mother that she could enroll at the university as a mature student. She didn’t require any qualifications as a matured student. She discussed this with Sam and Sam was all for it to keep her occupied and happy.

In the university, she took up women’s studies. There was a common room for mature students as this particular group of students had expressed a discomfort among the general student body. It was in this common room that Laura met other women who were very conscious of their rights as women. It was here that Laura felt the affection of a different kind. She was too young when she fell for Sam. She was confused about her sexual orientation. She saw how natural it was for two women to hold hands, kiss and touch each other.

Laura was having problems with her work and Julie came and offered to help her. Julie was in her fifties, slightly older than Sam. Being with Julie was very natural. Julie was gentle, almost everyone in the common room was teaming up as an item.

When Sam was away traveling, Laura invited Julie to stay the night.

“The sofa isn’t comfortable, you can come to my bed if you like.”

Julie was gentle, Laura was confused.

“It’s alright to feel this way, you were too young when you met Sam, and you were confused about your sexual orientation. Come, let me give you a massage to relax all your tensed muscles.” Persuaded Julie.

It was first a back massage, then it became a full body massage. Julie started kissing and touching Laura’s private parts and breast. Laura didn’t resist. In fact, she liked it. It was different from Sam’s love making. Julie was gentle, Julie was sensitive.

“Touch me the way I am touching you,” said Julie.

Laura obeyed. She imagined how Julie was feeling the way Sam was touching her.

“So this is what lesbian’s do?”

“Yes, we do a lot more, we have toys to. I will use it is you like.

Julie took out the dildo, licked it with her tongue sensually and gently inserted it into Laura.

“Oh!!!!Oh!!!! this is better than Sam.”

“”Laura, tonight belongs to you and me, let’s not talk about him.”

“Yes!” obeyed Laura.

“Now is your turn to make me come.”

“Harder! Harder! You won’t hurt me.”

Julie became a permanent fixture of Sam’s house when Sam was away traveling. If Sam came home early, there was always the excuse, “she missed the ferry.”

Laura became cold and frigid when Sam wanted to make love.

“Is your studies and housework making you too tired,” asked Sam.

“No! I just got a headache and am not in the mood.”

After a few years, Julie said, “Laura, you must come out, you must tell Sam. I want to stay permanently with you.”

The bombshell dropped, Sam couldn’t believe that he had been hoodwinked for five years. It won’t have been so difficult if Laura had an affair with a man. She chose a butch. How could she, the mother of my kids be a lesbian?

Sam moved out of his house because the counselor said it was better not to uproot the children. He worried however, for his eleven year old son. People say boys growing up with dominant woman became gays.

If having problems at home is not enough, he had to come to the office to see the snigger looks of his co-workers. Damn then all.

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