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Peter strays after watching pornography and internet chatting. He is worried he is infected by having sex with an infected prostitute

Submitted: February 07, 2008

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Submitted: February 07, 2008



“Sickos! They are all Sickos and weirdos, They deserve to die,” Emily commented as Peter and her watched the late night news.

The local television reported that a prostitute had been tested HIV-positive. The health department investigated her following complaints by her clients. Jade admitted to potentially spreading the deadly virus to hundred of her clients. The doctor interviewed strongly advised all her victims to come forward urgently and be tested. He said it was imperative that their partners come forward too.

Peter laid in bed with the news flash going over and over his head. “Why? Why me? Why am I such a jinx? Thousands of people go on the internet chat room and meet lovers. It has to be me to chat up with a prostitute, and an aids infected prostitute.”

“Hon, please stop moving so much, you are keeping me awake.”

“Sorry dear, I can’t sleep. I will get up to watch some television.”

Some television he was watching. Soon he was at the computer trying to chat with Susie. But Susie didn’t come in. Susie was in prison, locked up so she won’t infect another person with her deadly virus. Susie was Jade.

It all started very innocently, Peter justified to himself. “All men watch porn, men are just more visual than woman. It is harmless, what is wrong watching some sexy women.” The “harmless” watching progressed or regressed from watching sexy women to nude women to hard core porn. The next natural progression was chatting up with sexy woman and sleeping with her.

Emily fought with him when she found out his dirty little secret of pornography. There was always a blowout because he refused to give up his nasty habit. Each time, he promised he would give up but she heard he was lying through his teeth as he had no intention of giving up. She would not have been so forgiving if she knew about the affair.

The photo of Jade in the news item was no doubt the same person as his Susie. The only difference was Jade was a prostitute and his Susie was a shy sweet clerk. Peter met Susie in the lonely hearts chat room, and he was quickly attracted to her. She told him that she was too shy to meet man and fantasized him and his male member shortly after seeing his photo. They agreed to meet. At the first meeting, it was very platonic, they just sat and drunk at the open bar. At the second meeting, they went to the back room. Peter did what every hot blooded male would do. Then they went to some cheap two bit motel that charged hourly rates.

Susie told Peter that she was short of money because of her mother’s expensive leukemia treatment. Peter was so naïve that he would give the fifty dollars she asked of him after each sexually encounter. Now, he realized the fifty dollars was payment for sex. This went on for six months, Peter didn’t mind because Susie was willing to let him act out all the lewd acts he didn’t dream of asking his wife, Emily to do.

Peter stripped off his pajama pants and examined his male member. “What’s AIDS like? Would it cause rashes?”

The new article asked for all Jade’s sexual contacts and their sexual partners to contact the Health Department.

“Emily would kill me, how am I going to tell her?” Peter wanted to dig a hole to China.

Peter had images of himself dying alone with AIDS bone thin like a living death, his wife and kids leaving him in the cold, his employer terminated his employment, his colleagues avoid him like the plague. “He had a lovely wife, wonderful kids, yet he dug his own grave by straying.”

Peter broke up in a shaking cold sweat. He clutched his fingers to his chest. “Em, please come, I can’t breath.” And he fell to the floor with a loud thug.

When Peter woke up, he was in a hospital bed. He had a heart attack and one of his coronary arteries was 95% blocked and he had a metal stent in place. Emily was sitting next to his bed but not holding his hand. Her expression was cold and unsympathetic.

“I am glad you are awake. When you are well enough to be released, you are not coming home.”

Peter thanked his lucky star that he was alive. He assumed that the doctors would have tested him and found him affected by the AIDS virus, otherwise why was Emily kicking him out of his home?

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