The spurned husband

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Norman is kicked out by his wife because of his torrid love affair with a polynesian girl. She in turns cheats on him. Gary introduces him to a Philipino Mail order site where he chooses a sexy eighteen year old Emma to be his diminutive Asian bride. Emma arrives in New Zealand and turns out to be a fat old hen rather than a sexy chick. Emma is a go getter and has an affair with a neighbour and gets pregnant. Unaware that Norman had a visectomy, she tells him that she is pregnant. Norman beats up Emma, kills the lover and shoots himself. The verdict for this murder suicide: jealousy

Submitted: December 19, 2006

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Submitted: December 19, 2006



The spurned husband

Norman stormed out of the lawyer’s office. The rip off bugger had charged him an arm and a leg to do something he could do better. He signed the piece of paper than hung like a noose over his head. The broad was to get some of his wages and custody of his lovely children Tom aged 15 and Sarah aged 16. He had visitation rights only twice a week when they come for over night stays. The woman got to stay in the matrimonial home because the judge was soft in the head. The idiot judge said that until the children had turned eighteen, this was their home. Still fuming over his bitter and painful divorce, Norman cursed himself over the torrid affair he had stupidly got himself into.

Norman’s wife, Diane decided to go up market, she put herself back to Auckland Technological Institute or ATI and got herself a diploma in accounting. Now she was too good for him, a traveling fitter who had put the bread of the table the last seventeen years. With all those years he had spent babysitting the kids while she went for night school, when he could and should have been down at the pub drinking with his mates. Now, she wants him to up grade himself because he was below her as an office administrator. She nagged, and nagged and nagged that he dreaded coming home. Diane was always full of sarcasm in her tone.The crunched came when she kicked her out of his house.

Norman went down to his favourite pub and ordered his bitter. There was nothing better than the smooth flow of the bitter down his throat on a day like this. His mate Jo and Gary came over.

“A man’s house is his castle, my dad used to say.”

“Cheer up, mate! It’s not the end of the world,” said Jo.

“You can’t blame it all on your wife, mate, you had fun with that floosy.”

Norman hated to be reminded of that torrid affair. When the wife gave him no respect about him and his despicable dirty fitter’s job, he went down to the pub and a glass too many. It was more than one glass too many, it was more like six. Then this little Island girl was in front of him, with her local cut top showing too much cleavage.

“Hello handsome, want to buy me a beer.” And she let him brush his hands against her breasts.”

Before he knew it, he was checking in with her in some cheap motel. Sina was making him young again. She was like a compliant little lap dog and did everything Norman wanted her to do. He was adventurous, something he didn’t dare remotely ask of his wife Diane. He stayed over night claiming that he was traveling. Diane didn’t care or worry about his extra days away. She was too busy being an important player in the company. But checking in motels was expensive so he suggested to Sina they just made out in his pick up.
All good things must end, one day Diane’s car broke down. In a hurry to the office, she asked Norman to send her to her office in Penrose.

“Ouch!” as she sat down. An incriminating ear ring pierced Diane’s bum.

“Whose is this?” in a huff, Diane slammed the door, and went inside to call for a taxi.

Norman sat sheepishly in the car, it was as bad as he was caught red handed.

Diane came out and told him to ship out. “You will be hearing from my lawyer.”

Norman moved out, and rented a place and Sina moved it. Norman was no match for the party animal Sina was. Neither was his wallet. After a few months, it was no fun any more. Sina wanted to hang more with her Samoa boys and they messed up his flat, drank his beer. He suspected her relationship with the boys more than platonic. One day, he cut short his traveling and found the slut in bed with one of the boys while the others were in the lounge drinking his beer and playing guitar.

“Out! Out! I don’t want to see you again.”

“About time, old fogey,” Sina rudely showed him her middle finger.

Norman went back to Diane and begged her to take him back,

“No way!” Diane had a supercilious smirk in her face. “I see you in court.”

In the lawyer’s office, Diane wore a cold expressionless mask. The bitch, eighteen years of marriage came to naught. His ungrateful kids refused to see him or talk to him on the phone.

“You should have done this long time ago.” Consoled Gary.

“She’s a cold dyke, you know damn well yourself.” added Jo.

“Look at me, I am a happy bloke, a happy leary do what I have done, drinking here with my mate while my Asian woman is cooking and cleaning for me”, said Gary.

“How do you do it, mate?” Norman looked up from the counter.

“Internet, yes, internet is the game. With a click of the button, you can choose any girl you like, Asian women are very best. They listen to you.”

When the pub closed, the three middle aged men trotted down to Gary’s house. They had to half drag Norman because he was half pissed with the beer.

“Make Norman a big mug of black coffee, Marie and after that you can scoot off to bed, me mates and I have work to do”

The three men went into Gary’s “office”. At the door hangs a sign,” Office, out of bounds”. Gary took his key and unlocked the door.

“Wow! Said Norman,” You mean you actually locked up your office, I never dreamed of this in a million years, Diane would use an axe to heck it open it I did this,”

“That’s an Asian woman for you. They do every thing for you. First they say, yes, sir, yes sir. Then they say, yes love. This is the best thing that has happened since slice bread.”

Norman and Jo wowed as Gary clicked on the computer.

Norman, “I have heard about this internet dating, but never in my wildest dream that this is so wonderful.”

“Philippines, the girls are the best, they are very subservient, they speak English albeit their Togalog English, just like my Maria.”

Gary clicked again, “MAIL ORDER BRIDES FROM THE PHILIPPINES pen pals: beautiful young girls with intention for long term friendship, romance and marriage.” Photos of sexily and scantily dressed girls long hair girls with pouty lips appeared on the screen.

Norman and Jo were salivating over these young scantily clad nubiles.

“Is this how you met your Maria?” asked Jo.

Gary asked Norman,” Are you ready for the next stage in life that you wish you were born much earlier?”

“Yes, this one, Emma, the long with long jet black hair and aged eighteen and a nurse, with hobbies cooking and house keeping, and never had a boyfriend, this looks like my angel,” enthused Norman.

With a few more buttons to push, Gary said, “you are set, you will hear from me.” Next time, you come here, be prepared with lots of booze for a big celebration.

Norman went back to his little dingy flat, he haven’t cleaned his it since he moved out of the house and taken a year’s tenancy. He chuckled to himself, he would soon have a demur wife to let him be the lord of his house, and clean it till everything sparkled. That night, he couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned like his washing in a wringer machine, He dreamt of his Emma in his arms. It would be fantastic holding a diminutive girl instead of that fat woman who was his wife for eighteen years. He imagine how her with his hands circling her waist. Something he had not been able to do with his ex wife. His dream went sweeter, he would come home and the house would be spic and span. Oh, what bliss!

Three months later, Gary rung that Emma was coming at last. It seemed like waiting eternity to him. As he clutched her beautiful coloured photograph and waited at the entrance of the arrival hall. As Norman scanned the passengers coming out of the departure lounge, he could see no diminutive long hair Asian girl. May be she missed the flight, thought Norman.

“Hi Norman, I am Emma” the woman who spoke to him was no eighteen year old, she was more like thirty eight.

“Oh, hi, where is your long hair?”

“I cut it, my cousin said it is cold in New Zealand, it will be easier to maintain short hair in the cold weather.”

“Bloody hell, I fell in love with your long black hair,” said Norman.

Jo and Gary were hanging by the door of flat waiting to see the investment that Norman had made on his mail order bride.

Jo asked, “Gary, are you sure that it is the right girl? She sure ain’t tiny and small and beautiful. She is so voluptuous that you think she is a milking cow”

Gary,” Pisst! You shut your trap, don’t you let Norman hear what you just told me.”

When they got into the house, Emma excused herself, she was tired after a few days of traveling and flight. While she was in the shower, Jo and Gary took her handbag and fished out her passport.

Norman,” you boys should be ashamed of yourselves, going through private property.”

These big tough men had suddenly become speechless, Norman was right, Emma was no eighteen year old chick. She was a forty year old mother hen. Norman wanted to wallop Gary, and Gary pleaded ignorance. It was too late for a refund or to send Emma back.

Gary said,” look at it this way, at least she has a curvaceous figure. You may think diminutive girls are very nice, they have a flat chest like a wash broad.”

“Come on boys, this calls for a celebration,” said Jo and they went down to the pub and Norman shouted them rounds and rounds of beer though he did not feel like celebrating. He was thinking of his investment going up the smoke.

If Emma lacked in looks, she made up in being a good house keeper and in bed. She was subservient and Norman lived like a king. He couldn’t get used of being bare footed in the house, and she made him wear bedroom slippers. When he felt lazy to take off his shoes, she knelt down and removed the shoes off him, and placed his bedroom slippers. There was never a dull moment, and there was never an empty moment. Norman enjoyed the cold beer she gave to him when he sat down, she massaged his shoulders, she trimmed his hair. Norman took to living as Lord of an Asian wife like a duck to water.

Gary had cautioned that he was to keep Emma inside the house,” you never trust these women. They come here for a marriage of convenience. Once they are legal here, they either bring their young dudes here from their home country or they run off with another Kiwi bloke.”

Norman said,” Oh! Why didn’t you tell me? But it won’t happen to me. Emma is very good, she won’t do this to me.”

Gary replied,” Don’t say I didn’t warn you?”

Norman was traveling a lot. Emma had asked his permission to go shopping with another Filipina, Imelda who had been around much earlier. Norman felt there would not be much trouble since Emma was hanging around Imelda. Imelda seemed a happily married woman with children. Without Norman’s knowledge, Imelda was teaching Emma the rights of a Kiwi woman.

“Once you are here long enough, when you are legal. You can leave him.” said Imelda.

“Norman treats me very well.”

“But does he have money? Wake up girl, Your Norman has nothing and he has two children who are brats and pests. When they come, you are treated like dirt. You got to think of yourself. That’s why you came here in the first place, didn’t you? You don’t take care of yourself, no body will, mark my words”

The unit next door was sold, and the new owner was renovating the house himself.

“Hi, my name is Robert, I have just bought the apartment next door. I like a cuppa but I forgot to bring me some milk.”

Emma was excited, a shiver ran down her spine. Here was a handsome young Kiwi man in his thirties at her door. The only Kiwi men she had spoken to were Jo and Gary and they were in their fifties. They didn’t count, as they were Norman’s mates. Norman had warned her to lock the door and not to talk to anyone. But Norman won’t mind, Robert was their new neighbour and he was asking for milk. Here was her tall, well tanned handsome prince, and his image burned in her memory. Robert was very handsome with his blond hair tied at the back into a pony tail. He had a little butteryfly tattoo on his right hand and an diamond ear ring. Robert was everything that Norman wasn’t. Norman was a rough labourer who liked his potatoes and beer. Robert looked like the type for fine wine and dinning. Norman just sat and watch TV, Robert would go to the theatres.

“Hello! Am I getting any milk?”

“Oh sorry, I will get you some, you like some hot water too?”

“I got my themos, but hot water would be very nice.”

And so it became a daily routine. The flat took six months to renovate. The morning cuppa progressed from the common hallway into the lounge of Norman and Emma’s house. One day, Robert’s hand accidentally brushed against Emma’s hand. Emma felt an electric shock from the contact. Her stomach clenched, Robert’s eyes stared lovingly at a dreamy gaze. There were stars and sparks in their eyes. Emma turned her face and tilted her head to stare at his deep blue eyes. He had such a handsome distinctive face. She felt her heart palpitate faster and faster at the intensity of his gaze.

A little bird was reminding her of what Imelda had advised,” You want something girl, go get it. It is that simple.”

The radio 1ZB played,” Love is in the air.”

Robert said,” Emma, I loved you the first moment I set eyes on you, it was love at first sight.”

Emma said, “I can’t, I am Norman’s wife.”

“Emma, he doesn’t love you, the way he berates at you, he treats you like a slave.”

After some coaxing, Robert said,” Norman is traveling, he won’t know.”

Here was her prince with his own house. Norman was old and had nothing. With Robert pressing hard on her breast and pawing all over her, Emma felt a sensual excitement that she did not experience with Norman. Instinctively she led him to the bedroom.

Filled with guilt and fear, Emma told Robert, “Please go, we mustn’t do this again.”

The temptation and forbidden fruit were too great, Emma was anxiously waiting for Robert to come, each time it was going to be their grand finale so they made it extra special,” We got to stop, we really must stop.” But both of them were too weak. They had fallen too deeply in love or rather in lust, and there was no return.

Some evenings, when Norman was away, she would sneak off and meet Robert to catch a movie. They thought they were very smart when Emma got on a bus and got off the next stop to meet Robert. It was their secret rendezvous, and that made it more exciting. But most of the time, they just preferred to be in each other’s arms in bed and whispering sweet nothings.

One evening, Robert took Emma to Princess Wharf. For the first time in her life, Emma’s been to the wharf. She saw the waves crashing against the bow of the ship. She imagined herself walking the gangplank with Robert and sailing away back to the lovely islands of Philippines.

Robert snuggled into her, and said, “It will be like the Love boat.”

Robert then drove her along the coastal road of Tamaki Drive. They felt the salt air against their face. Robert drove up the windy road up the slope of Bastion Point to Salvage Memorial. The cold strong wind whistled about her ears. She was freezing and chattering.

Robert wrapped his strong arms around her and whispered,” I love you.”

It was the first time any man had said these three magic words to her. It was too cold and the wind was howling outside to get out of the car. Emma imagined herself the heroine at the back seat of a chevrolet in a drive in movie. She could smell Robert’s delicious musk smell, it wasn’t like Norman’s obnoxious stinking body. Emma wished this moment would go on for ever and ever and ever.

Robert said,” Now the icing on the cake.” and drove up to the summit of Mt Eden. He showed her the volcanic crater. She felt breathless at the panoramic view of the city standing on top of the summit. The lights of the city and the sky tower were so enthralling. Norman had never taken her out from their apartment.

Robert teased,” Do you know what people call the Sky Tower?’

“No, what is it?”

“It’s got a phallic shape!”

“You naughty boy!” and Emma gave Robert a playful slap.

Robert grinned,” It wasn’t made up by me, every visitor to Auckland says that.”

Emma felt like a school girl who was playing truant from a nun run school, only she was running away from a nun called Norman. Her thoughts gave her a tinge of fear that she would have to go back to the prison that Norman had created for her. Norman was such a boorish, arrogant, aggressive and male chauvinistic pig.

When Emma got off the bus, dreamily wishing the night did not have to end.

“Oh my God!” Norman’s old pick up was parked in the car porch.

Apprehension gripped every cell in her body. She had been playing with Russian roulette by going out with Robert. A cold wave of fear ran over her and she had never felt like this before. She felt half tempted to run away, but to where? To Imelda? She hesitated. Imelda would not and could not help her. She had her own old man to deal with. When Emma composed herself, she hatched up this lie.

When she opened the front door, Norman was drinking his Lion Red beer.

“Where the hell have you been?”

“Imelda called urgently, one of her kids had food poisoning and Ian and her had to drive him to hospital. Imelda called me if I could babysit until they got back from hospital.”

“Couldn’t one of them have stayed at home?’

“Imelda couldn’t drive, remember? And Jerry clung on to Imelda so tight that she had to go with him.

“Don’t be a bloody Samaritan next time. I want you to be home when I come home after a long tiring trip.

Robert finished his renovations, they worked out a system whereby Emma would knock a few times their common wall, and Robert would be in the apartment in a flash. Robert was a self employed contractor so he could be at home any time he wanted.

Emma felt she was in blessed and thought she was in seven heavens. Imelda told her that she was playing a dangerous game. But drunken in stupor, Emma and Robert did not take any precaution. They flung into each other’s arms the moment they saw each other.

Then the inevitable happened. Emma confided in Imelda that her monthlies had not come.

“Didn’t take any precautions?” Imelda scolded.

“No, I didn’t, I came from the village and I didn’t know such things, because the Roman Catholic Church forbids upon such things as family planning and fornication”

“Emma! Emma! Emma! You are in New Zealand, not a village in Philippines.”

“What am I going to do? It’s already five months. The reason Norman did not notice was because I was fat in the first place.”

“You can’t have an abortion now as it is too dangerous, you just have to tell Norman and pretend that it is his child.”

When Norman came home that evening, Emma was waiting with his bedroom slipper, a beer in one hand and started to mollycoddle him. She cooked his favourite leg of lamb, roast kumara and pumpkin, and bread pudding.

Norman asked,” What have I done to deserve all these. It’s not my birthday”

Emma said quietly,” Norm, It will be nice if we have children,”

Norman,” It bloody be, I have to pay a fortune for those two brats.”

Emma,” I mean a baby of our own, you and me?”

Norman,” It won’t be nice, I am far too old to have a baby at fifty, people will think I am the grand dad.”

Emma,” Norm, it already has happened, I am pregnant.”

Norman flung the bottle of beer at the wall. It broke into a hundred smittereens of glass crystals and glass shards,” You whore! You made me a cuckold,” Norman slapped across Emma’s face so hard that even his palm stuck.

Emma said,” No!” and went out of the door and towards Robert’s door. Robert pretended to be the gallant hero rescuing a damsel in distress. He drove Emma to Imelda’s house.

Norman was shouting at Imelda’s door when Imelda came to the door.

Imelda came to the door,” What’s wrong with a woman getting pregnant? In Philippines, women get pregnant all the time when they are married.”

Norman shouted,” You tell the bloody whore; I had a vasectomy when my other whore had her second child. I can’t have no bloody children. Whose bastard is it?”

Imelda and Emma had a conference, and under estimated Norman. They thought if they told Norman the truth, he would go away. Instead Norman kicked the door down and grabbed hold of Emma and landed blow after blow.

“If you don’t stop now, I am calling the police,” said Imelda.

Norman said, “You mind your own business. Call the police and the immigration department to take this shameless illegal immigrant away.”

Norman sped back home, took a swig of his brandy.

Robert had not braced himself with a kick to his front door. With a pistol in his back, Norman pretended to endeavour to persuade Robert to leave Emma alone. Robert was not aware that the situation had escalated so fast and so badly.

“Your wife had left you long ago, she never loved you and she loves me. Yes, I am the proud father of her baby.”

“You bastard!”

Norman whipped out the gun and shot point blank at Robert. Three bangs. Robert slumped down leaving big pool of blood on his newly laid carpet. Norman went back into his unit. He sat down and drank a bottle of beer, threw it against the wall, then he drank his bottle of brandy and threw the empty bottle. Then he rang Gary,

“Gary, I have done it. I have finished off the son-of-the-bitch who stole my whore from me.” Norman cried like a big pussy cat.

Gary told him, “Just stay there and don’t do anything stupid.”

When the constables, Gary and Jo arrived at Norman’s house, they were about to kick the door when they heard a thunderous bang. Norman was sitting in his favourite couch, he had blown a big hole in his right temple. The bullet erupted from his left temple. Blood flowed down on the beige couch. There were broken glass shards all over the house, the dining tables were up turned. Norman had gone on a rampage before he went to Robert’s apartment.

Gary was remorse he was instrumental in his tragic scenario. He had benefited monetary in this transaction knowing that Emma would be an estranged wife. Emma escaped serious injury, a broken jaw and a black eye, nothing the doctor couldn’t fix. But two men were dead. The cause of the crime was jealousy between Norman and Emma. Norman thought he bought Emma, and did not realize that money couldn’t buy everything.

As the spur of the moment, Norman was so confused that he had a “mission”, he had to punish Emma for her crime, and Robert, the perpetrator and her partner in crime. When he got home, he knew his pursuers were near at hand. His end would be a verdict, “Murder suicide.” Norman was a spurned husband who went on a killing spree. What a waste that the unexpected turn of events had become a double tragedy.

When Emma’s wounds recovered, a female Immigrations officer accompanied her to the Auckland International Airport. She was given a one way ticket courtesy the New Zealand Government to Manila International Airport. Quietly she whispered,” I will be back!”

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