This fell out of my hands but it is really a reflection of the qualms I have with overly religious types. This is not a needle in the eye of any one religion though. It is really just a symbol for any belief that is so fogged that it causes harm to others.

The creaking of the crank shrieks through the room

As four people Strain to hold their end of the bargain—

The injustice is in the noise but no one heeds its truth.

Gaunt faces are relieved in a mysterious way as they think,

“Thank goodness it is not me this day!”


The wooden floor is aged by many feet and voices

And the person being held by these chains prays

That they do not let go—

That they see sense and do not rip his limbs from his body.

No such luck as they are commanded to


“Release the chains.”

What they really meant was,

“Unleash the screams and blood.

Let them be pulled apart by this machine in the name of


He should be praised.

He knows the heart.

He is all knowing.

He sees the sin.

He is perfect.

He is love.”


“We are his chosen.

We are people who beat and kill each other.

We are those that lie and steal.

We are people of greed.

We are people of violence, judgment and death.

We are people of tyranny.

We are those that try to love.

We are people of ego.

We are people of tyranny—

Submit to what we believe or die.”


They point a finger at the dying man on the floor--

His man-made hourglass running out of time

And say,

“Through even this murder---

We speak to you as God…

Even during the Spanish Inquisition.”

Submitted: December 16, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Snow412. All rights reserved.

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