Pen or Pencil ::Part 1::

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Well, I bet some of you are wondering, "when are they going to post there short stories"?
Ok people, hold onto your hats, cause I know present my short story.
I hope everyone enjoys and gets a good laugh out too. LOL :P

P.s Part 1 is all I am posting tonight because its very late and typos love popping up. That means a whole bunch of proofing, I don't think so! LOL. But please do enjoy and laugh. ^_^ :) XD

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



Bring goes the morning bell at Duval High School. Another wonder day in hellish heaven, not.

I sat at my desk infront of the chalkboard, staring at the clock signing and waiting for this day to end.

"Piss, Ash, Ash"?, a voice called from the back of the classroom. "Piss, hey do you hear me"? I rolled my eyes

and turned around. It was Andrew , a guy whom had a crush on me for a few months then I guess, lost interest.

I couldn't blame the dude though, I wasn't that pretty, sexy, or fine like the other girls. Then again it could

have been I pulled the "I have a boyfriend" card on him.

"Yeah, I heard you. How may I be of assonance"? Acting innocent, trying not to curse him out for bugging me so early in the morning.

"Do you have a...". "A pen or pencil, perhaps". "How did you...". "I am a common genius, I guess". Looking at me strangly, as if I could read his mind; 

shaking his head just to be on the safe side, I guess. "Thanks", he replied . "No problem". I turned away from him and reached into my bad, in search of the pen or pencil.

Andrew cleared his throat and began to ask me a question that turned my skin almost pale. I stopped my search and faced him eye to eye. "What was that you said"?

"You heard me. How are you and your boyfriend doing"?

Out all the questions in the world, he had to ask that one.

My mind went blank and only one thing remand. Why in the hell did he want to know about my boyfriend and I?

I blankly stared at him, as he waved his hand in front of me. "Ashley, are you ok? You look sick or something". "Sick more liked shocked, fool", I said in my thoughts.

"Ding, dong, hello fat head". I blinked myself back to life. "Exuse you"! "Hey, it worked. Now are you ok"? "What the f***k was that for. Did you need to call me fat head? And yes and ok, damnit". I glared at him with an evil look in my eyes, and he sat there smiling, as if he said nothing offensive to me. 

"Okay, whatever! Why do you wanna know about my boyfriend and I, so badly". I calmed my voice to a shallow tone. "Just curious and I'm bored. Need something to do too".

Oh great, he using me as his entertainment.

I pondered on his statement, of needing something to do, and thought could still have feelings for me? All of my bones in my body wanted to break out into tears from laughing so hard but I kept it cool.

"Hmmm....". My mind spoke again. Maybe he desired me as a person, other then for his little sex toy. This time I couldn't hold back my laugher and let out a snicker. Quickly I covered mouth reminding myself he was still waiting on me to answer his question.

I pondered off into thought land about Andrew's statement, again.

I had  to be really stupid  not relize this was Andrew I am dealing with here. A guy who wants my vriginty and keep me handcuffed to his side for the rest of eternity.

Rolling my eyes randomly at the thought caught his awaited attention. "O...kay". "Sorry. What were you asking"? "You are so slow". He repiled, seeming to be annoyed by my absentness to his question.

"Okay, I blanked out. Just tell me what you want to know, then we go back to playing the ignoring game. How does that sound? Sounds good to me". I shook my head with a sarcastic smile across my face.

He paused with one of his eyebrows raised, then repeated his question. "We are fine". "Your lying". Everytime I say something along the word "fine", he comes with...

"Ash, come on, you don't have trouble your true feelings". "What are your talking about"? He signed then continued with hin oh Mr. Smartness.

"I know you love me and wanna break up with your boyfriend". He said so sure of himself. "It's written al over your face".

Wait a second!

To be coninued.....

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