Pen or Pencil ::Part 2::

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Hey everyone!!
I know a lot of ppl have been wondering when I am going to post part 2 of pen or pencil. While I am sorry to say that I am posting it but only half today. Next time I will post the other half.

Ps. Please enjoy

Peace Sb

Submitted: June 26, 2008

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Submitted: June 26, 2008



My deer in the headlights look gave him a Chester cat smile across his face.

I didn't see, hear nor smell funniness in the air; so I set there wondering again. "Andrew....".

”You don'thave to blab about it, I know you love me", he said with condense, cutting me off rudely.

I was more confused than a teenage girl seeing her boyfriend's dick for the first time and not knowing where to stick it in.

"Hello? Earth to Ashley. Don't blank on me fat head, again".

Angrily I shouted back at him, causing silence to layerthe room.I quickly quieted my ranting, and then signed at his repulsive remark.

"I don't love you and that's a fact. How I can I tell? It’s easy inthree simple lines, and please don't cut me off.

First: Your personality sucks. For any guy and every guy who is out there should know this, your personality is a key factor in winning a girl's heart.

Second: Here is a benefactor; you maywant todigest this for a minute or two. You're a good looking person but still your personality is key.

Third: I bet you are happy and I am finishing this, huh? Your attitude is just....”

"Shut up. Stop the whole, girl telling a guy what she wants, thing. Your attitude is like pulling teeth with me every day....”

I cut him, just in time before he mentions anything further about our secret convo's over the phone.

"WILL YOUSTOP BEING AN ASS, SHUTUP, ANDLISTEN! I am talking about you and how you've treated me throughout your little crush party".

I saidloudly ina harsh angry tone. Our teacher had heard my loud comment and told both of us to keep the volume down.

We nodded in agreement with our teacher and glared at each other a finally time.

"We are not finished", Andrew commanded, expecting me to turn back around and face him.

"Yes we are, we have been for many months. Truth be told, we never started", I laughed under my breath.

He sucked his teeth and waved his, from what I could see out thecornerof my eye, then laid his head down on the desk.

I couldn't believe him; he actually thought I'd loved him.

Mymind continuous replayed, as our teacher started today's lesson.

I pondered off again into thought land, away from pie equal's the square root of...

Andrew was a total jerk to me, ever since I stupidly put my number in his phone.

I bet everyoneis wondering, why I putmy number in his phone?

Well, it all started from theburning holes through me with his eyes,not wearing my uniform to skin tight jeansto hormones exploding.

So, he got a little hard once and a while, who could blame the guy.

I did.

He didn't know I wasn't single but if I wasn't flirting with any other guys in the school, then obviously that meant I wasn't on the market for selling.


Not in his mind and for some reason, other guy's had the same reaction.

Okay, let’s go back on topic about the number in Andrew's phonemagically appearing and me banging my head on the desk from stupidity.

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