Pen or Pencil ::Part 3::

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The last part of my short story.
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Submitted: August 11, 2008

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Submitted: August 11, 2008



Sitting in my last period class, pondering back on the event that had happened in the cafeteria.
Such a shame.
One of my good friends had became a delivery boy for Andrew, and passed on the deadly weapon; his cell phone.
He gave it to me. 
 I looked at him like he was crazy or had lost his mind.
“Ashley, guess whose phone this is”. “Andrew’s”. My friend smiled and laughed then handed the phone to me. I sighed and pressed the numbered keys, as they lit up on the pad.  
An interrupting vibrate buzzed in my pocket, scaring me out of my thoughts.
I silenced the buzzing beast and slowly looked at the screen glowing ‘New Text Message’.
Now who could be texting me at the end of the day, other than my boyfriend.
I opened the phone and saw an unsaved number that was strange to my mind.
“Hi”. “Hi”? I texted back confused on who was texting me.
“Do you know who this is”? “No” I replied. “Andrew”.
Shit! My mind screamed. How did this fool get my number?
I had completely forgotten who put the number in his phone, me.
 The bell sounded for everyone to run to their second period class.
I didn’t realize that whole time I was pondering about Andrew having my number for the first time.
So sad.
All thoughts came to a stop before I left the classroom, and Andrew’s smirk to me made want to vomit all over his clean clothes.
I couldn’t believe that whole situation; it was pointless in my mind, but to him it was all good.
Sigh, I’ve had enough for one day, even though the day had just started.
I walked to my second period, but stopped at the door to think on how to sum up this fool named Andrew.

All my thoughts matched to one phrase I enjoyed saying about guys like him in my lifetime, Andrew Kite was an ass.

The End

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