Introverted Interrogate

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Where are the answers to the questions in which I seek?

Submitted: May 04, 2012

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Submitted: May 04, 2012



Stuck in an intricate introspection
my mind filled with unending thought,
what is the answer
to what in this life is meant to be sought.

What is peace?
Something I've only dreamed
I've never felt such a word,
no word holds such perplexity.

If one has unraveled such a question
please direct me.

Intangible are the goals
by which people direct their lives.
How can one live
without knowing the reason why?

The reason for life,
an unanswered question,
makes my mind wonder.
Could it be the reason,
is for no reason at all.

Then I could do anything
life would be a ball.

But what if I were wrong?

Missing my purpose
is the greatest tragedy of all.

In search of such an answer
I must embark.
Without knowing the reason to be
I cannot lead a life.
I could never stop wondering
if this was the reason,
the answer meant for me.

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