My Loving Temptress

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

just a strange story based on strange situations

Alone and searching
through an unkempt forest,
I've lost my way
don't know what's in or out,
and the trees, they seem so strange.

I find a path,
don't know where it leads,
anywhere is better than lost.
Along this path I cross many things
prized fruit
and majestic gems
these things, they mean nothing to me.
But along my way,
my loving temptress awaits.
Her presence promised a way,
she lured me with bright eyes
a coy smile and told me to stay.
I fell off my path
her wishes, I wish to obey.

My loving temptress,
please show me the way.

She held me close
in her warm embrace.

My dearest,
I'm here to stay,
I'll love you like no other,
I will show you a way.

She held my heart,
my heart I must protect,
do not break it,
a rule one mustn't forget.

My loving temptress,
my heart I give to you,
protect it like your own,
as I would do.

My sweet,
our love I shall protect
for this love is one I'll never forget.
Show me your trust
I promise eternal happiness.

Through the unkempt forest
I followed our path
after months time
freedom at last.

My loving temptress,
we found it,
we found our peace alas!

My darling,
if this is what you sought
continue I must alone
to find the place I will call my home.
With you, I cannot go
for this forest is all I know alone.
Stay with me,
only through our love is happiness attained
and with happiness you'll be set free.
Please my love, explore this forest with me.

My loving temptress,
of the forest, I do not know
often cold and dark
through the worst I was alone.
It's dangerous, a risk I cannot take
I wish to live my life
before the forest reaper takes it.
I do not know this new path,
I'm worried I won't make it.

Into the forest my loving temptress ran
leaving me here a torn confused man.
In which direction does my peace reside,
it will take my life by the time I decide.
To explore what is beyond this unkempt forest
but to break my heart by vision of lover's depart.
Will my ambition vanquish
without love to fill one's heart?

Do I forget all reason
should I take a new step
dive into all there is to fear
with hope salvation is near?
The forest breathes cold,
my heart tells me to not say no
but the fear whispers to let her go.

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Snowflake7. All rights reserved.

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