Temporarily Out of Order

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A way to explain a feeling that sometimes your talents and uses are overlooked in an accidental fashion.

Submitted: April 01, 2012

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Submitted: April 01, 2012



It is all easier said then done
but you do it all so flawlessly.
I admire your character
and your life
you may not see your perfection
but I surely do.
With every new step I take
I hope it leads closer to you.
See I am imperfect
unlike you.
You let everyone know
just how you feel
I am a fake
a fraudulent existence
I steal every moment
claim it as my own
my name is a riddle
I have made it so
no one peers the truth
but your perfect eyes see all.
My masks
they break
with you it's impossible to fake.

I wish to be a shoe upon your foot
for maybe then will you dance with me
or maybe the lipstick you wear
would you feel beautiful when I'm around?
I can only wish a foolish wish
for this will never be so
I am but a boy
you cannot wear me
like the things you cherish so much.
I cannot support you like those shoes
or make you feel glamorous like the lipstick you wear

I can stand by your side
I'd wear my smile
as you flaunt your style

but I wish not to be an accessory
something you carry about carelessly.
Instead I wish to be your friend
the closest of sorts
to trust my words
and ask of me lively advice.

For what good am I;
all I am is thought and opportunity
wrapped in materials
only for you to hold in perfect unity;
when you seek not this from me?
My talents are waiting
but wasted effortlessly
how will you come to find my usefulness
by not giving new interest?

For I am like a hand,
it is not something you wear
but something that is a part of you,
and with a hand
there is much that can be done
it has more than one use.
I can be ringed
to show love is truce,
I can write beautiful words on a page
or destroy all that remains.

For you
I would do anything,
but like a hand
I cannot do
unless you want me to.
When will you see
the incredible potential
resting within me?
Please open your tired eyes,
use me for your benefit
I'll participate for the love in it.
Just make me feel useful
and you'll find a part of me
that you have never seen
I'm an asset to help you;
help you discover things past your most exciting dreams.

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