What It's Like To Be Me

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I wrote this when after I recovered from losing sight of what I seek.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012



Until someone finds my worth
alone, I'll wander the earth.
I don't know why I instigate
would you want to investigate?

Home is where the heart is,
in ambition my heart lives;
it doesn't take, it only gives.
Reaching for the highest peak,
there is no end to what I seek.
I fill my mind creatively
so I wonder instinctively.
Accomplished, I do feel
I conquered it all, no big deal
although I feel something missing
that's what keeps me wishing.

Fill the void inside,
World, leave me starry-eyed,
fuel the fire
to drive my desire.
I can do whatever I want
I know I can travel far
but to be blunt
this feels like a scavenger hunt.

To leave in peace,
my own way
instead of played like a chess piece;
I'm a pawn to take the king,
you want a chance, step into the ring.
I've learned to fear nothing
coupled with my need,
upon knowledge I must feed.
My minds too open
above the solution it leaves me floatin'
hoping to come down somewhere
and build my castle in the air.
What I find will be rare,
next to breath taking, it will compare.

My friends, they aid me to dare,
hopes for other I often bear,
I know life isn't fair,
that's why I always share.
I do so because I care
but it doesn't stop me from thinking
why am I here not there?
Once the answer grows clear
I won't be stranded here
and until I find my worth
I'll question my reason on this earth.

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