Peace is hard (or impossible)

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I feel a bit deep today. sorry.
I Love the army and marine's also the navy and airforce. I'm writing this because I think Amarica fights to protect truth and justice. we fight for whats right. This is more about emotion then actuall "war" and "peace"
It's heavy so please Take it seriesly
I wrote this mainly cause my brother is leaveing to join the marines and I feel proud for them, I can't thank them enough for protect me and my home.

Submitted: November 09, 2010

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Submitted: November 09, 2010



If you've ever lost someone, or something you know, to another. If you've ever experenced loss to someone else's gain, you know what hell war is.

The thing is, it's easy, to hate, It's easy to want revenge, it's easy to hurt, maime, and kill but peace is hard...

Peace, Peace is hard. If it isn't hard, than it's imposible.

Peace... Is more than just a word, It has A mind...

war is just sheer emotion. peace needs thought,

love is peace with other's and your self.

war is hatred of all.

so ask yourself right here and know... Is peace posible?

you're wrong if you answered "yes"

as long as there are two people on this planet someone is going to have at least one problem with someone.

You can lie and say "you're wrong!" and "I'd never hurt someone!" But I know you better than you know you're self if you say that.

Why because I am war, I am Hate, I am Dispare... and so are you...

when war comes, you don't fight for revenge, you don't force peace, you fight to protect what you love. If you don't fight for what you love, weither it be, family, freinds, or whatever it is... then you are a coward...

Fight for what you love, only then is war just.

But if we fight for what we love then it isn't war. It's Art.

If we only fight for what we love than battles would be debaits and nothing more.

we would fight with words, instead of weapons.

the marines are those who choose to fight for the safty and well being of others and I can't thank them enough.

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