Strangers and Stars

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A sweet little One-shot... Or is it?

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



A boy with shaggy brown hair shook a magic 8 ball. The message was Try Again.

“God dammit!” He grumbled he shook it again, this time more violently.

“Will I ever feel whole again?” He whispered. The message surfaced and it read, Maybe. He screamed in frustration and threw the cursed thing at a tree. He buried his head into his knees.

“What would Spock do?” he hysterically said to himself. His girlfriend had just broken up with him a few hours ago. He was angry at her for getting drunk so she broke up with him. She called him a party pooper and a nerd. She said that she had better things to do and he was a waste of time. She slurred these cruel words while sitting on another man’s lap.

“Two fucking years” He said aloud to himself, “Two fucking years we’ve been together and booze breaks us up!” I fire was burning inside him, fighting to come out. He gritted his teeth, it was more then booze and he knew it.

“Why!” he shrieked pathetically. He whimpered, “why?” he whispered. He heard clicking heels and high-pitched laughing. Hookers.

“And I was like ‘Okay honey’ and he was like ‘Bring it o--- Oooh what do we have here girls?” Red-headed hooker said to her friends. A fluffy boa was wrapped around her neck and she had the stereotypical hooker boots on. He looked down and pushed his black rimmed glasses farther up on her nose.

“Mmmmmh! Let me at him!” One of the fat ones called, he shivered in disgust. He started to walk away when they called after him.

“We’ll make it go away hun, you’ll forget for a little while.” The Red-head said. If he fucked these whores he could forget. He could forget about his girlfriend and have someone pretend to love him. Pretend. ‘No’ he thought, ‘Never again will I play games with my heart and my penis.’ He kept walking until he found himself at a different park bench. He sat down next to a stuffed pink penguin and some dirty socks.

He grabbed the pink penguin and squeezed it. He threw the smelly socks into a dark hedge. He laid down snuggled with his penguin when he heard a ‘What the fuck?’ He sat up and looked around. A girl was crawling out of the hedge. She groaned.

“You just had to throw the stinkiest socks in the world at me didn’t you?” A stranger said glaring at him. He gave a guilty grin and shrugged.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her suspiciously.

“I should be asking you the same question.” She answered.

“But I asked first!” He countered childishly.

“But I asked second. First is the worst, Second is the best, Third is the one with the hairy chest!” She said in a sing-song voice.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “My girlfriend dumped me and now I’m cooling off.”

“I’ve run away,” she said nonchalantly.

“To the park? In the fall?” He asked.

“For now, I just ran away, jeez.” She replied insecurely. He yawned and laid down on the cold grass. He patted the area next to him and offered the pink penguin. She took it and laid her tall body onto the grass. They stared at the stars, and the night was very clear. They sparkled.

“Do you know that one of those stars can be dead but the light is still coming to earth because it took so long? The light from those star’s are millions of years old.” He said looking at her dark brown face.

“Even after things end they are still there. Ironic. I bet that’s why problems are so hard to get over,” Her black eyes sparkled from the stars light.

“My name’s---“ The girl began but he put a finger to her mouth.

“Let’s go to sleep” He whispered to her and they cuddled their pink penguin together. Absolute strangers.

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