Hating Dating - Athletic Girls

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Part 1 of my series where I give my thoughts on the type of women you tend to meet on the dating scene.

Submitted: October 21, 2013

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Submitted: October 21, 2013



Hating Dating

Athletic Girls-

We all know the type. They're up at 5.30 in the morning to make that ever so cruical spin class to work those over worked legs then fill up on a breakfast feast that consists of egg whites and a smoothie containing vitimans "Insert every letter of every alphabet known in excistence" just to post their body is a temple success on facegram and instabook. They're the ones that make you feel guilty for having that chicken parmi at dinner and will actual explain in detail how bad it is for you. I know it's bad. That's why I like it. I like the fact it's deep fried and covered in an almost swimmable sauce and I LOVE the fact it has every enough melted cheese on top to give a cartoon mouse a heart attack.

Yet you don't say this. You smile and nod. You take the lecture in healthy eating that you already know and have heard on repeat your whole life by magazines, radio, talk shows etc (I always do have an evil little chuckle anytime someone like Oprah goes on about eating healthy when they are, of a better word, plump). You take this all on the chin in the hopes that you get to see whats hiding that Nike gym shirt and Skin leggings. But they also poses another problem. You. What if your physique doesn't match up to her criteria. She obviously is quite obsessed with her own body image so she must want a partner who thinks the same way.

Now you're making yourself slightly paranoid. Maybe I should go to that techno pumping sweaty spin class. Maybe I should eat cardboard tasting egg whites. Is it really worth going through all that on the off chance that this muscle bound, warrior woman might be slightly interested. And you have to think to yourself. Do I really want to have lengthy discussions about protein powders and carb loading. Do I really want to see her eventually tan herself to the point of mimicking an umpa lumpa. A girl whos abs are so defined, you could grate carrots on them. Let's face it. If your not in the mind set of early morning wake up calls and sacrificing all this delicious yet unutrional food just to gain that one chiseled spot somewhere on your body that only last if you continue the process over and over again, then I wouldn't worry about.

Have that choc chip muffin because you are you, not your BMI.

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