What's the point of dreaming?

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What's the point of dreaming?

So before I start this poem I want to point out that I have an irrational fear of dreaming. It only started last night but just the thought of going to sleep and allowing my mind to take control scares me. My escape from reality is writing and that's good enough for me, dreaming is just a concept that confuses and terrifies me. 


What’s the point of walking through a hot, sandy desert or climbing a cold, snow dusted mountain when often enough the memory of it is wiped from our minds?

What is the point of surfing the waves of Hawaii and sunbathing in Australia when we can’t even feel the dampness on our skin or smell the saltiness of the ocean?

What’s the point of fighting off monsters and warlocks when we can’t even feel our hearts pounding in our chests like a frantic drumbeat?

What’s the point of experiencing the terror as we are brutally murdered in a dream but not feeling the pain as the blood flows from our wounds?

What’s the point of letting our imaginations take hold when we can’t even control our own actions much less the reality we are placed into?

What’s the point of not knowing when we're dreaming so we are constantly in a state of paranoia that even while our eyes are opened the present moment could be nothing more than a dream?

What’s the point in facing danger when in reality the most dangerous thing that we can accomplish at the time is falling out of bed?

What's the point of running through a forest but never getting tired? 

What's the point of waking up confused and disorientated every morning because of what our mind conjures the night before?

What’s the point of entering a reality that we cannot control and most of the time cannot remember?

What’s the point of dreaming?

Submitted: April 26, 2014

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I like this a lot thou I disagree because I love dreaming I'm the type of person that likes to study dreams and search for the meanings. I think dreams are our subconscious coming to the surface and a better understanding of our dreams is a better understanding of ourselves and what we keep bottled behind our subconscious.

Sat, April 26th, 2014 4:57pm


I don't know why but I am confused and scared by the thought of dreaming. This makes trying to sleep an odd experience especially if I begin to think of it. I only just started to be afraid of dreams and I wrote this on the night that I couldn't sleep because I was too scared. I had a great dream that night but the thought of it still scares and confuses me a bit.

Tue, May 6th, 2014 9:06pm

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