blessed and cursed pt. 1

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well, there is a 16 year old girl namess brianna and she is a preacher's child. she has been raised in the church. and she is an honor roll student. everybody thought she was the good child until she started dating the football quaterback, brandon. they dated for a whole 4 weeks and then, that night came. she decided to give Brandon her virginity. well, in the few weeks, she did not feel right. she knew that she was pregnant.....

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Blessed and Cursed<3- Pt. 1.

Brianna was the good girl in the school, church, and home. But all of a sudden, she made the wrong decision and everything turned upside down. Brianna is hanging out with Brandon tonight at the bowling center and she was bringing a couple of friends along with her.  She showered and then, put her shortest dress on  that she could find. Her parents weren't going to be home tonight and her twin sisters Kendall and Kylie are at a friend's house. She would have the house to herself when she comes back home.

 She straightened her hair all the way out and then, got ready. She grabbed her phone quickly and ran downstairs.  Someone knocked on the door and she grabbed the keys out the basket. she opened the door and her best friend Chelsea was standing there with the same dress on as her, but it was a different color.

"Are you ready to go girl, my boy Vincent is like blowing up my phone?" Chelsea asked, with a little attitude in her voice.

"Yeah, let's leave before my older brother gets home." she said.

They left, and Chelsea drove fast to the bowling center.  They got out and Brianna's group of friends were standing by their cars dancing and playing around. they all went inside.  Brandon and Brianna stayed for 2 hours and then, they decided to go back to her house. Brandon drove home and then, she invited him inside.

Voices were inside Brianna's head telling her that this is the wrong idea.  She ignored them, and took Brandon's hand and led him upstairs. The farther that they got up the stairs, the farther the voices got louder. she stopped and took a breath. they went to her bedroom and they started watching TV. Brandon started to make out with Brianna.  she just laid back and enjoyed it. one thing led to another and then, they had the best night ever. he left and she just was glowing the next morning.


A  FEW WEEKS LATER: Brianna got up one morning and used the bathroom. she felt the nausea coming up and she leaned over the toilet. she got sick and heard someone open her bedroom door. she quickly got up, wiped her mouth, and flushed the toilet. her mother came in the doorway and looked at her.

"you really look all green baby. are you ok or do we need to go to the emergency room?" mother asked.

"yeah, i think we need to go to the hospital right away." she said right away.

\"enlightened\"Brianna knew that she was pregnant. she just really wanted to avoid Brandon today because she is really mad at him for not using a condom. Brianna grabbed her phone off the charger. she threw on a black cami, black cheerleading sweatshirt, black cheerleading sweatpants, and her black mocs on. she grabbed her bag, her zebra blanket, and they left. her mom dropped off Kendall and Kylie off at school. Brianna called the school and told them that she was on her way to the emergency room.

when they got there, a nurse came out and put Brianna in a wheelchair. they pushed her in and they admitted her within 2 hours. they said they had to keep her for about 2 days because they didn't know what was wrong with her. finally, they decided to do a sonogram. there they saw a small head on the screen and there it was. her mother  sat back in the chair and she covered her face with her hands. her dad walked in and saw that Brianna had tears rolling down her face and she had her hands on her stomach.

"she's pregnant,  isn't she?" her father asked, in his deep voice.

"yes, she is along 8 weeks. but, she is in danger of a miss carriage. So, we are going to keep her for about 2 days and there really shouldn't be any visitors expect for you two and the baby's father. She needs all the rest that she can get." the nurse said.

the nurse left the room and closed the door behind her. her  mother got up and sat next to Brianna.

"Now, we all know that every teenager is either going to have sex, or drink, or smoke, or do drugs,. we know that you tried the first thing and now, you have a consequence to pay. I don't know if Brandon wants to be here during this, but are you going to keep this child?" mother asked.

"yes. because it is my consequence and i have to deal with it. abortion is not even a choice and adoption, i just don't want somebody else raising my child. but myself." Bri explained.

"ok, but don't get comfortable with this pregnancy. because when you are full term and your water breaks. that's when the fun ends and you will still be going to work and school. if you talk to your auntie robin later on in close to time to give birth to watch the baby. because she is working at home as a social worker. i know she wouldn't;t mind. but right now, you need to call or text Brandon and let him know what is going on. then, you need to get some rest. i am going to get your school work for the rest of the week and help you with it. i love you and we are here to help you with your situation." mommy explained. she gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Father sat down and just thought to himself. Bri took the phone out her pocklet and put the phone on speaker. he answered right after the first ring.

"hey, where are you?" he asked in a worried voice.


"I'm in the hospital and i just found out that i am pregnant. but if you are going to stick around, i don't need to have a relationship with you because i still have to take my HPSA in about 4 months and then, i want to graduate with my class. my friends. so, what are you going to do about this?" Bri asked

" Well, if it is my child,well then i have to step up to the plate and just be a man. i already work two jobs to save up money to go to college. but i was already thinking of just going to BCC and kicking it with you. so, can i come and see you?" He asked.

Bri really couldn't stand him right now.

"the doctor said that i really need rest. so, maybe tommorow or something. i'll talk to you later." Bri said.

"ok, bye" Brandon said.

Bri hung up the phone and looked over at her dad.  bri knows he is really worried about the church and what they would think about this. he got onto the phone and called an emergency meeting. he kissed Bri and just left.

a few minutes later, brianna started coughing and then, she really couldn't breath. so, she pressed the button on the remote and the doctor came in there.





look for part 2. in a few days

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