Make up -or- Fuck up

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feelings about what goes down in relationships

Submitted: May 16, 2009

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Submitted: May 16, 2009



In relationships the guys are known for keeping secrets.

But if you're a real female, check ya man and let him know you are not putting up with his shit.

Yea in relationships you'll fight and argue. But sometimes we both gotta deal with it.

Dont break up, cuz that's what the man wants. Cuz you might end up doing something you might regret.

So ladies, dress sexy, put ya silk on, light the candles, and have the special night!!!

Dont fuck, dont rush, tak ya time and make love. REMEMBER.........

When you fuck your man: You are workin ya shit, marking it and lettin bitches know you own his dick.

When you make love: Dont worry about whats going on your mind, take ya time, make uo and let your body speak thru the time. :)

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