The Warrior

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Warrior's Creed, Warrior Motto, Warrior Spirit

Submitted: November 03, 2008

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Submitted: November 03, 2008



The Warrior

To live and die by the sword is a choice not to be ignored.

I fight so that you with the pen may tell of men that where once

Courageous and great.

Even though you may hate me for what I do, before each day is through know that I fight for you.

I fight for the right to breathe and to run, to have sons to carry my name, not for the fame or the honor, but simply to be a father.

It is not our wish to die or have our widows cry when our time on earth is through , merely I say to you, it is to see the beauty of the land so mysterious and grand that a single man can not fully understand that which warriors can.

If my blade dares break then this vow I shall make to one and all.that I shall not fall without a fight , I shall not go silently into the night , and when men hear my name they will know of my fame.

To my brothers at arms , fear no harm and in unison join me in a round of in Heaven there is not beer, for it will quench your fear , it will make you focused and strong as the battle’s long and arduous contest is fought and the destruction is wrought and from the ashes hear my cry and rally around me fellow warriors as we die like men , so our children hear the heroes we have been on this day.

The enemy may be nasty, rough and tough, but they have never seen the likes of us my fellow warriors.

Today our might will strike them down and they will fall to the ground and be beaten this day.

For we are warriors and we fear not death, dark, light or cold, but we are bold enough to take anything that comes our way this day. We fear no man or beast to say the least and let us remember it this day.

When they start their charge my fellow warriors let them see that we are more fierce then they, let their priests pray , for I tell you my warriors god is with us this day, and whether we live or die make sure to look to the sky and yell the battle cry:


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