Aikion Weird Tale: Language

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

One bump on the head allows a kid to speak to inanimate objects...

“All throughout history, the power of language on people has always been a powerful force! Without the world’s greatest orators implementing the use of it, the world’s most influential events would have never have happened,” the Language Arts teacher sounded energetic and was having a big effect on his students; well, all except one. Leroy thought that the teacher was being a bit too overtly dramatic and exaggerating his words too much. ‘Why am I even in this class,’ he thought bitterly, ‘I have a speech impediment, so I will never exactly need this class in real life.’ He was barely paying attention when the teacher announced the homework assignment, “Tonight, I want you guys to create an impromptu speech about your beliefs on anything that you want. I want you to be as energetic and persuasive as possible with a very extensive and imaginative vocabulary. Now, I know that I am technically bending the rules, for it is not quite as impromptu as one would think, however, this is so that some of you,” he looked directly at Leroy, “can have a fighting chance in this class.” The bell rang and Leroy stormed out of the school as fast as he could, ignoring the teacher’s yell to come back. Leroy began walking down the street from the school next to the luminescent yellow apartment building. Such a fowl mood Leroy was in, that the blood rushing towards his head was clouding both his hearing and judgment as he walked under one of the ledges that had a dense, pure silver vase precariously on it. At the most inopportune moment, the vase began to wobble uncontrollably and fell. Leroy didn’t hear a thing and walked right under the vase. The last thing Leroy remembered was pressing the button that would create the pedestrian walkway and hearing a ringing sound.

When Leroy began to regain consciousness, he heard people speaking about his condition. One seemed quite intelligent, and Leroy believed he was probably the doctor that was treating him. The other one sounded weird, for he would always repeat his words in different ways. Leroy decided to open his eyes to see who was there, but he was distraught when he saw that there was no one in his room.

“Hello? Is anybody in here?” Leroy called out and at first, no one uttered a word…but then…

“Well, he is awake now! His condition seems to be stabilizing…” Leroy looked around and did not see anyone that was speaking. He did hear, however, “Oh? Are you sure? Are you positive? Is it absolutely possible that he is awake?” Leroy still didn’t know who was speaking so he decided to repeat what he had just said in a firmer tone of voice and waited again for a response.

“You can hear us? How odd, you are the first human to hear us…well except a few in the mental ward, of course.”

“Who said that? “He looked towards the machinery and waited. ‘Surely it can’t be…’

“Yes, we can speak, all inanimate objects can speak…We are just as surprised as you are that you can hear us…” the voice was coming from the nearby ECG machine that was also in charge of controlling the amount of medicinal flow. The ECG machine began to beep louder and he said in a calm voice, “Relax! You are going to short circuit your heart that way. Increasing amount of serotonin now…” The effect was almost instantaneous; Leroy saw his world become dizzy and his head hit the pillow hard.

When he awoken again, he saw his parents standing over him, crying a bit. They notice that he was awake and his mother asked him, “Are you okay?” she said the words slow and meticulously.

“Err…Yeah, I’m fine,” he decided not to tell them about the delusion earlier that day.

“The doctors believe that you might have brain damage, son,” the father began, but was surprised to see his son smile at the tidbit of news. “Why are you smiling?”

“No reason…Um, could you go and get me some…eggnog?” The parents looked at him then one another, obviously puzzled by their son’s request. It would be very hard to find eggnog in at the beginning of spring. The parents almost refused, but a look appeared in their eyes and they said, “Okay, no problem. It might take us until tomorrow, but we shall bring you some,” and walked out of the room. ‘That was weird,’ he thought to him self.

“I see that you have calmed down,” the ECG machine started.

“Yes, I have. I decided that you are just a hallucination that my damaged mind has constructed,” he stated proudly with a smug smile on his face.

“Oh really? Well then I guess I won’t bother you anymore…” Leroy began to smile as he knew he had beaten his hallucination, or so he thought.

“So I guess since I’m just a delusion I’ll stop the flow of drugs that is easing the pain in your head and shut myself off,” he saw the ECG machine shut off and became very worried.

“Err…Listen, delusion or not, you have a duty to make sure I’m comfortable and—“ he was certain that he could feel the pain growing inside his head and was starting to feel frighten. “Please!” He began to beg and cry, “Turn back on! The pain could become unbearable at anytime!”

“…Hah! I fooled you! I just went to sleep mode…Though I did actually stop drug flow…Let me reactivate that… and voila! Good as new!” Leroy heard the machine beep in a rhythm that arguably be considered a laugh.

The next morning, his parents came back with a rather large carton of alcohol free eggnog. “Well it wasn’t easy, had to pay an arm and a leg, but we got it! We have to go to work now, but we shall return later this evening.” When they left, Leroy heard a new voice in his head say, “Tic toc…tic toc, it is now 8:45:01, 8:45:02, 8:45:03…:” and so on and so forth. Leroy was getting annoyed by this and screamed at the clock, “SHUT UP! You weren’t talking yesterday, so you be quiet!”

“But, I have something important to tell you. Something so important that it could alter your life forever! Something that could change the very nature of your being, something that could—“The ECG machine stated, “Excuse my friend, he has a tendency to repeat things constantly and is a bit scatterbrained…Comrade, please tell him the news.”

“Oh…Yes, well, the sages want to speak to you…”

“The…sages?” Leroy was completely confused as to what the clock was talking about and was starting to become more convince that this was a delusion.

“Yes, of course the sages,” the ECG machine began and then stated, “Oh, you do not know them, correct?” Leroy shook his head no and the machine continued, “Well, let me explain them to you. The sages are perhaps the wisest of all inanimate objects in the world…or at least in this hospital. They have been here ever since this hospital has been in creation and know everything in that happens in this building. How he knows so much is unknown…Sorry for the digression but he is a bit of an idol of mine. I wish I could achieve his brilliance. He must have heard about your unique abilities and wants to test you…”

“Okay,” Leroy said slowly, definitely confused, “where are these…sages located?”

“I can show you, for we shall go tonight.”

After Leroy parents came, visited, and left, Leroy managed to pry himself from the bed and began rolling the ECG machine that he was connected to out the room and down the hall. As they were walking down the hall, he was surprised at how seemingly lively the hospital was at night. He heard voices emitting from every nook and cranny they went through. It was almost jarring for him, especially since there was not a single soul in the halls and he was worried that those voices were being emitted from the objects. They soon came upon four, dark brown, wooden doors that were worn out. “Should we proceed onwards or…” Leroy stopped when he heard a deep voice said, “Ahhh…So you are this boy that can hear us?Perhaps you can help us with a request, young one…” Leroy seemed to become frightened by them and almost tried to run, but realized that it would be futile since he was still connected to the ECG machine. “Do not be afraid of us, we will not hurt you. We need your help to protect the infantry ward from these kidnappers.”

“Uhh…No offense, but I’m pretty sure this is just a dream and you guys are trying to get me killed, so I’ll just pass and go back to my room…” Leroy was cutoff by the sages’ booming voice, “Imbecile! We are not a part of your damaged brain or convoluted fantasies! We are real entities that only people like you can hear!” Leroy saw the doors swing, one hitting his body in the front, causing him to hit a wall nearby. The doors swung back clothes and stated, “Listen, we believe that you can help save these babies, for your powers are slowly developing…” Leroy almost asked about his powers, but was now thoroughly afraid of interrupting the doors when they spoke to him. “If what we believe is correct, you should be able to do much more than talk to inanimate objects…though that is a good power all on its own…We believe that your powers are growing and we can help you learn how to use them effectively, if you want us to that is. Will you help us?” Leroy decided to nod his head, thinking ‘If I’m going to go insane, I might as well embrace it all the way.’ The doors swung back opened, slowly this time so that Leroy would move out of the way. “You will find the crooks in the infantry ward as we speak. You are the only one who can get them to change their ways, I believe…You must either convince them or…Well, you’ll think of something, I’m sure.” Leroy was very confused by the turn of events his life has gone through in just two days, but decided to go through with the sages’ plan.

“Why do you think your sages want to use me to stop the thieves?”

“Who knows, though whatever the reason, it must have good intentions. They are all-knowing after all…” The two kept walking until they heard two voices arguing with one another.

“Kenny, you’re not supposed to grab babies by the head!”

“Well it is not like I handled a baby before! Get off my back dumbass!”

“I knew it was bad for them to team me up with a new guy, but to team me up with somebody as brain dead as you? What the hell were they thinking!” They sounded as though they were at the brink of fighting one another.

“Maybe we should let them just beat themselves silly?” Leroy said with a smile and the ECG machine began to beep as though laughing. Unfortunately, the beeping was so loud that it alerted the thieves to their presence. The two ran out, thinking that it was a true threat, but began to laugh when they saw who it was.

“Can’t believe that I was afraid of some weakling attached to a mobile ECG unit,” one said.

“Hey kid, perhaps you should return to your room and forget what you just seen here? Or else…” The partner looked at him stupidly, “Why would you tell him to return to his room? As soon as he gets there, he would try to call the security guards to get us idiot!” During this little fight, Leroy tried to slowly tiptoe away. They were close to the door and Leroy tried to open it, but a booming voice stated, “No you don’t! You must stop them!” The doors began to creak a bit, alerting the thieves to Leroy’s attempt to escape. The thieves ran towards him and grabbed the cord connecting him to the ECG machine, which he was using to try to break the doors open. The cord broke off from the ECG, and thus cutting off the medicine that was suppressing the pain.

“I don’t think he will be much of a threat without his medicine,” one of the crooks jeered at him and shoved him to the ground. Leroy’s face began to converse in pain and his head began to swoon.He glared at the thug that had pushed him so hard and simply stated, “Why don’t you just drop dead!” Besides how much anger that was conveyed in these words, the two crooks knew that it was just an empty threat and laughed at Leroy’s attempt to sound tough. The crook who had pushed him to the floor pulled his foot back in order to deliver a very powerful kick; unfortunately, he lost balanced as his foot came down to connect with Leroy’s body and he overextended his leg, causing him to miss Leroy entirely and fall quite hard onto the marble floor. His partner walked over towards him, very concerned for his friend. He saw blood had begun to pool around his head and heard his erratic breathing. The partner tried to get his friend to get up, but as soon as he got his torso up from the floor, his neck snapped backwards, killing him instantly. “You! You some how did this! It is time for you to die!” The anger that was displayed on the kidnapper’s face was burning, distorting his face into something that was hard for Leroy to look at. Leroy saw the crook stand over him, reaching his big sausage-like hand in order to grab Leroy. By this point, however, the pain had numbed Leroy and he didn’t care anymore. He could tell that he was about to pass out and decided that if he was going to die, he might as well die by saying something meaningful. He said something so powerful that words couldn’t describe how powerful it was. It was one of those speeches that one had to be there in order to experience the full power of. Afterwards, he fainted…

When Leroy woke up, he was surprised to find himself in his room. ‘Shouldn’t I be dead? Either the pain or the crook should have done me in…’ At that particular moment, his parents came in and began telling him how worried they were about him. “They found you collapsed on the floor with the ECG machine attached to you in the hallway where they found those two kidnappers! They didn’t hurt you or anything, did they?” Leroy shook his head no and his parents decided to move outside the room to converse privately. ‘Weird, they removed the cord, I thought…’

“Yes, I decided to plug myself back into you,” the ECG sounded very smug by his feat.

“What happen to that other crook?” Leroy curiosity caused him to ask.

“You don’t remember what you said to that crook do you? It was very poetic, but I liked how you added words that made him the way he is now…”

“The way he is now?”…

Down below them, near the basement of the hospital, was the mental ward. Due to its location, it was devoid of all sunlight and looked more like a dungeon than a hospital wing. In one room, there was the crook drooling uncontrollably, staring at nothing and everything. “He is unresponsive to any stimuli that we apply to him,” one orderly said.

“His brain has literally shut down. Besides the autonomy of his organs, the brain’s functions are completely shot. He can’t speak, can’t eat or swallow, probably can't even see..."

Submitted: August 28, 2008

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