Aikion Weird Tales: Love By Any other Name pt.II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a continuation of a story I written two years ago on this site called Aikion Weird Tales: Love By any other name. In this part, the friendship of Timothy and Tequil is explored a bit and we learn the purpose of Manx's experiment.


Timothy was still frightened by Tequil’s appearance, yet immensely grateful for her work at the cemetery.  He began thinking of what he was going to do with Tequil; he could not in good conscience leave her out in the street since he was worried that she may go on a rampage and try to kill everyone in the town, not to mention that she was probably the only person that was actually nice to him in quite some time. Not even his own family treated him with such respect and dignity. So he came to a decision. “Tequil,” he began, “may I ask if you have a place to stay?”

“Well, I doubt that people would rent out an apartment to a zombie,” Tequil said playfully. “So no, I have no place to go.”

“Well…Perhaps, just perhaps we can do a trial. I’ll allow you to stay for a week and if—“

“You’ll allow me to stay?” Tequil gave him a large smile, reminding him of that toothy grin from earlier. He simply swallowed quite audibly and continued:

“Yes. But only if things go well.”

“Yes! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” Tequil gave him a hug that he was certain would crush him, especially since she began shaking him around like a ragdoll. Luckily she stopped when she noticed his breathing had become quite shallow. “Err…Sorry.”

And so the two went back to his house and the week began. Tequil took over all the chores: from washing dishes, cleaning the carpet, making dinner, etc. She was more than determined to prove her worth to Timothy. ‘Even if he doesn’t end up loving me, I can settle for at least liking me and allowing me to live here…’Tequil thought. Timothy was starting to become use to her; yet he didn’t like the fact that she would stay up all night working on something. Every time he would ask her what she would be doing before he went to bed she would just state enigmatically, “It’s just a personal project…Nothing for you to worry about,” and gave a smile that would creep him out. Soon the week went by and Timothy, albeit somewhat reluctantly, allowed Tequil to live with him on a more permanent basis. Yet she kept working on this project, often asking Timothy to go to the library to borrow books about holograms and miniaturization of electronic parts.  He could hear her sneak out at night and became quite worried that she was terrorizing the citizens of Laseng.

He decided to confront her one day as to what she was doing by sitting her down on the living room couch and talking to her. “Tequil, would you say that we are somewhat close?”

“Sure. Well, I’m close to you anyway and if you let me I could be closer…” Tequil began scooting closer to him and started to caress his legs.

“Err…” Timothy removed her hand from his leg and continued, “Well I was just wondering what do you do at night? I mean I can hear you going out and I cannot help but think of the most awful things. If we’re truly friends, you would tell me…”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you. I mean, friends do keep secrets from one another,” she smiled. “I will say this, however, if all goes according to plan we should be able to go on a date together in public during the day.” With that, she simply walked out of the living room into the basement. Understandably, Timothy was even more concerned than ever. ‘What can she be planning…What if she’s trying to turn everyone in to zombies? Or what if she’s planning to turn me into a zombie? I’m going to have to spy on her.’

Later that night, Timothy snuck down the steps and began moving towards the basement. He knew that Tequil would be working on the ‘project’ at this moment and wanted to listen in. He opened the door to the basement and began eavesdropping. The only thing he could hear was the banging of a hammer and what sounded like furious scribbling on a chalkboard. He stood there on the top step eavesdropping for what felt like hours and learned nothing of her secret project. He almost fell asleep and by extension fall down the steps, but resisted the lure of sleep. Finally he heard, “YES, it works! Timothy, you can come down now!” Timothy felt embarrassed as he walk down the steps.

“How did you know I was listening on the steps?”

“Oh come on, I know you still don’t trust me that much. Also, I knew you would be interested about my project. But it’s ready. I’m proud to present my…Holowatch!” She grabbed something from the table and showed him what look like a very bulky, huge watch. Wires were coming out of the body and the frame had begun to rust. Oddly enough, the watch had multicolored buttons that clashed with the rust colored frame.

“I’m supposed to be impressed, right? Because I have to be honest, I’m not. And it smells.”

“Funny. Let me show you something,” she began tapping the multicolored buttons and pressed the fairly large accept button. At first nothing happened.

“Hmm…Nice invention. Really it worked as— “ Timothy began to rib Tequil but stopped as he noticed that her hair had become a dark brunette color.  “What’s going on…” Timothy stared in amazement as the stitches that adorned her arms, face, and legs began to disappear. Her skin began to change from a robin blue to a warm peach like color. Her deep blue-grey eyes became vibrant green. Finally, her seemingly always white frilly dress began to shimmer and morphed into…an orange frilly dress. 

“Wow…It really did work,” Timothy began, “but why did you just change the color of your dress?”

“I like the color orange. It smells like cotton candy! Go on, touch the dress.”

“Uhh…No. Also smells like cotton candy? Err…Normal people cannot feel colors...How do you know what cotton candy smell like? But in any case, may I ask how the device works?”

“It’s hard to explain. In short, this watch releases microscopic bots that form a minute foundation that encompasses my whole body. The watch then programs the foundation to form a hard light construct over the foundation. This allows the construct to match the contours and curves of my body…” Tequil smiled. 

‘Will she ever give up on us getting together? She’s nice, but the thing is that she is dead. No one in their right mind would date a zombie…then again I’m not exactly in my right mind…Hmm, what if I entertained her advances? Perhaps if I date her I could practice my communication skills for an actual date…’ Timothy pondered for a moment before hearing, “Earth to Timothy, Earth to Timothy. Come in Timothy, over,” Tequil chided playfully.

“Why don’t we go on a date?” Timothy responded. Tequil just stared at him, eyes wide open.  She began to swoon and leaned on the nearby workbench.

“Did I…hear you correctly?” she whispered.

“Well yes, I wa—“That was all Tequil needed to hear. She grabbed him in an embrace that lasted for an uncomfortably long time. ‘Am I sure that I want to go through with this? If she finds out that I’m just using her she’ll field goal punt my spine from my body,’ Timothy feared.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you!” Tequil finally let go of Timothy and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Where are we going to go? When do we go? “

“Err…how about a week from now? “ Timothy questioned. He had become a bit more afraid of Tequil due to her grabbing him and not understanding her strength.  ‘If she does find out, I’m dead. If she squeezes me like that when she’s happy with me, I better not make her mad during the date. Otherwise, I doubt even the army could stop her…’ 

A week had gone by and Timothy had not seen her that whole week. ‘She had been in the basement ever since I told her about the date. What could she be doing, improving that watch? Pft…That watch was horrible looking and it didn’t make her look better…Well it kinda did. She looks normal…but there is still something off. That construct may match the ‘contours and curves of her body,’ but it doesn’t form with the body. She looks like one of those porcelain dolls that sis had…Like she’s wearing some sort of human skin suit.’ Timothy was dressed up in a fairly old, black suit that Kenny had given him; the jacket was somewhat tattered at the ends and had the initials of the Laseng Cemetery embroidered on the lapel, yet it was the only suit that he had and he thought it was pretty nice. ‘Always thankful, Kenny…’ He heard steps coming out, turned towards the basement door, and saw Tequil holding a new watch.

“Sorry, just had to perfect the watch. Didn’t want to go somewhere wearing a gaudy, rusty looking old watch that could release enough current to kill a regular human if removed improperly,” Tequil stated with a chuckle, showing off the improved version of the holowatch. The watch was much more streamlined this time around, looking more like a wearable heartbeat monitor than a decrepit, rusting minicomputer that the old model was. Yet the buttons were still multicolored. “Watch this,” she began to press buttons on the watch.  When she was done fooling with the watch, Timothy saw her collapsed to the floor, convulsing in what appeared to be in pain. Timothy ran over to help her up and saw bone shifting underneath her skin. Her hair once again took on a dark brunette color and her skin went from blue to a tan peach color. He could hear her internal organs moving about inside and could see her muscles shrink and become less defined. Soon it was all over, Tequil stood up and Timothy stared at her. “Wow, you beautiful now,” Timothy stated in awe.

Tequil smiled her teeth straighter and whiter than Timothy remembered. “Thank you,” she replied, ignoring the fact that the compliment was a not-so-subtle backhanded one. “So, where are we going for dinner?”

“Oh right…” Timothy said, snapping out of his trance. “W-w-well I’m afraid I don’t have the money to take us to a fancy restaurant. But I do know of a—a—a place nearby that will give us a discount,” he stammered. Tequil simply smiled and replied, “Sure that would be fine.” The two left the house and began to walk to the nearby restaurant.

“There’s been something that I’ve wanted to ask you, Timothy. Are you just going out with me because of this form?” Tequil asked concerned.

“Err…Yes. I mean, I like you…as a friend. But we shouldn’t get close to one another.”

“What do you mean ‘we should not get close to one another’?”

“You know, physically.” Tequil looked at him puzzled and Timothy decided to clarify, “Well, I mean you’re a zombie. It’s not like I can just kiss you or anything more.  And besides what if we did go further, beyond just simple kissing? I hate to tell you this, but my parents want grandkids…And since I’m their oldest son, they’re going to be pestering me constantly. And I doubt that you’ll be able to reproduce…Not to mention my fear of corpses, no offense. I’m barely able to control myself around non-animated corpses, let alone animated ones,” he stated looking directly at Tequil.  He noticed that she was on the brink of crying and finished, “Don’t get me wrong; you’re the best of best friends that I have had in quite some time, but we do not have a future together beyond just being frie—“ Before Timothy could finish, he heard what sounded like a large gunshot followed by a thud.  He looked and saw Tequil face downwards on the ground with a strange, sparking dart extruding from the back of her head. Realizing that he was in danger and began running towards a nearby alleyway across the street; he heard a few more shots and could feel air tingle with static electricity around his head.  He ran across the deserted street, not looking to see who was shooting at him, and managed to jump behind a garbage dump. Timothy waited a few seconds before looking to see who shot him. He saw a strange woman pick up Tequil’s unconscious form and begin dragging her to a waiting vehicle.

“Weird,” Timothy whispered to himself, “I know I know that lady from somewhere…She looks like that gypsy woman from before…but that woman looked somewhat familiar beforehand…” He saw the lady throw Tequil in the back of the trunk and jumped in the car. Timothy watched as the car drove off and remarked quietly, “They’re driving towards the cemetery…I need to save her. But how? Wait…that older model of the Holowatch...” Timothy ran back to the house and noticed before entering that the front door had deep cracks and looked on the verge of being shattered into several pieces. Fearing the worse, he went inside. The house was a large mess: the couch was flipped over, windows broken, T.V. busted, basement door off the hinges ‘That lady must’ve been here before looking for us,’ he thought before entering the basement.  The basement was a bit of a mess, although Timothy was certain it looked this way due to Tequil and not due to those people. ‘Where is it? Where is it?’ Timothy thought, shuffling through various papers and books on the desk. ‘What the… Is this raw ham? Come on!’ He wiped the blood on his shirt and continued looking. Finally he found it dashed away in a barren desk.  Yet now he had another problem. ‘How the Hell am I supposed to work this thing? ‘ Timothy wondered as he put the grey bricklike watch on his wrist. He pressed a green button on the watch and felt something akin to billions of fire ants crawling on his skin. He began to scratch his skin feverously before realizing that the matrix was forming on his skin; after realizing this, he decided to stop scratching and try to control his hands, despite it feeling as if every single nerve fiber that transmitted the signal for pain was firing off.

Once the process stopped, Timothy looked at the watch and saw the word ‘Inactive’ appear on the LCD screen. He pressed the red button below the screen and the screen shifted to an option ‘Skin color.’  Pressing it again, it shifted to option ‘Dress color.’

“It seems Tequil only programmed one disguise on this thing, but made it where she could alter the skin color and dress color to anything necessary. I wonder…” He began fiddling around with the options and afterwards press the quite large and very blue ‘Accept’ button. The first thing he noticed was that his skin temperature was rising. He saw the air above his hand darken to a deep jet black color. The already stuffy tuxedo felt even more constricting and stuffy as it too began to darken. ‘So far so good,’ Timothy thought. ‘Hmm…I don’t remember my hair being so long though…Oh.’ Timothy realized that the disguise, despite his modifications, basic form was that of a young woman. Timothy watched as the air around the tux began to shimmer and saw what a frilly, jet black dress appear. ‘The dress looks weird with it being superimposed onto my tux…err…luckily no one can see my thoughts. I hope this works.’ Timothy headed up from the basement, left the house, and began walking towards the cemetery.

Timothy’s plan was simple: using the holowatch, he would sneak into the lair of the kidnappers, save Tequil, and get out of there. As he was walking, however, he realized a few things about his plan: ‘This is never going to work. First, I’m not even sure if they’re actually at the cemetery. I just saw them drive in that direction. Secondly, how am I going to sneak her past that lady if I find that place? That lady kinda looked like an amazon and would easily pummel me to a pulp if she caught me…Finally, why am I doing this? I mean, I don’t know Tequil that well; we’re barely friends.’ The last question he was able to answer, although reluctantly, ‘Because she would do the same for me. And I really don’t have any friends.  If I just let that lady do whatever to Tequil, then I deserve to be alone for the rest of my days…‘ As he was walking to the cemetery, he passed by the shack where he had dropped off that old gypsy woman and thought, ‘Weird. I never questioned how I got home on the day when I first met Tequil. Only thing I can remember is pain…She has to be connected.’ Realizing this, he tried the door but found it was locked. ‘Has to be some way in,’ he thought. He began searching the ground for some sort of key or switch, or something that would get that door open.

‘Nothing on the ground,’ he thought after what felt like a good twenty minutes searching the ground. He had dirt on his hands and fingers and his backed ached from being hunched over for so long. He needed to rest for a moment before continuing his search. He looked around and saw an old stump nearby. He began walking over to the stump in order to sit down. Once he was over the stump, however, he realized that there was something odd about the stump. The stump only had two rings despite being a really large stump around 4 feet wide. He decided to kick the stump and heard a shallow, metallic sound come from it.  ‘This must be some sort of camouflaged opening to that shack...Now how do I get in?’ He bent down and began to examine the stump closer. He noticed that both rings were continuous except for two arrows: the outer arrow pointing inwards and the inner arrow pointing outwards. Following a hunch, he placed his hand on the outer ring and began to see if he could get it to move. He wasn’t surprised when the ring slowly began to move. He began to twist the outer ring layer until the two arrows lined up. The stump began making noises and the top layer began to split down the middle. The layer separated and revealed an opening. Timothy tried looking down, but couldn’t see anything except the top step of what appeared to be a ladder.

‘Well I came this far…’ Timothy thought as he began climbing downwards into the stump.  ‘I surprised no one heard me make all that noise….Then again these kidnappers can’t be too smart if they had such an easy way of entering their base.  They probably thought it was a mouse,’ he smirked at the thought.  After what felt like thirty minutes, he finally reached the bottom. ‘I should’ve brought a flashlight or something; I can’t see my own feet.’ He stuck his hands out in front of him and began to feel his way around. ‘Hmm…That’s odd. The sounds of my feet seem to be getting a bit of an echo.  Maybe there’s an opening.’  He kept forward and heard his footsteps become louder and louder until they were a loud reverberating echo. Even though he couldn’t see ahead of him and camouflage was supposed to hide him in the dark, he had an odd feeling that he was being watched. All of a sudden, he felt something hit him in the stomach with enough force that he went sprawling back a few feet. He knew immediately who it was that punched and became afraid. He tried to speak, but instead vomited blood on to the floor. He was reeling in pain and could barely move. His body seemed to be flushed with heat and very weak. He was having a hard time catching his breath. Suddenly the whole area lit up and he saw Tequil, but it was obvious the kidnappers had done something to her. She was wearing some kind of black, slick armor. At times it would glow a faint red color and appeared to Timothy to be some sort of high-tech battle suit.

“Ah, Mr. Lamshin. Nice for you to come. You may not know me, but I know you…kinda. I am Luther Manx. Dr. Luther Manx. We’ve met before, although you were a bit out of sorts if you will.” Timothy tried to look up, but couldn’t. Luckily he had regained some breath and responded, albeit weakly:


“…Did we do to Tequil?” Manx interrupted. “Sorry dear boy, I have better things to do than to hear you sputter and cough out words. Now let me explain, see my assistant—“

“Hello! My name is Lorraine!” She exclaimed, interrupting Manx. Timothy heard what sounded like a loud, resounding slap.

“Sorry dear old chap, my assistant should know better than to interrupt me. Now where was I? Oh yes. See we chose you for…well not so much for an experiment as it was for fun. See, it was supposed to be something of a monster. Created by us for you. It was going to be a destructive force. When you first saw the abomination, you were supposed to fear it…And you did. The monster was supposed to fall instantly in love with you and it did. It was supposed to try and move closer to you and touch you for it would become curious as to why you were invoking such strange emotions in it. The beast would move closer and closer and you would try to slowly move away. The monster  would corner you and slowly raise one of those petite, stitched little hands towards your face. You would scream in terror, worried that it would hurt you and because of that it would. It would be by accident of course: the monster would grab your mouth and crush your lower jaw in an attempt to silence you. Ah and then you would be in pain, so much pain. Such glorious pain! Oh pain, such wonderful pain…” Timothy heard Manx breath hard and making noises as if he was in bliss. ‘What a freak,’ Timothy thought. Timothy had regained his breath and was trying to figure out a way to save both him and Tequil. He was still on the floor in the fetal position; more from wondering if Manx was watching him than in pain, although he was still very much in pain. ‘He probably can’t see me if he doesn’t realize I’m wearing this ridiculous getup,’ Timothy concluded. He could hear Manx ramble on about how after he was killed, Tequil would go into an unstoppable rage and begin destroying Laseng out of her anger.  He stared at Tequil and saw her eyes: they were glassy, almost empty looking. And yet…At times he could see in her eyes become lucid, as if she was fighting inside. He noticed that about a second after those lucid moments, her battle suit would flash a faint red color and her eyes would become glassy again. ‘It’s that suit. It has to be.’

Timothy began listening to Manx again and heard, “…that’s why I decided to help along this process. My…plan, if you want to call it that, was starting to come unhinged. Instead of killing you, it actually managed to learn how to speak. In a single day,” Manx stated, his voice betraying a hint of anger. “It also began doing nice things for you. It also named itself ‘Tequil.’ How absurd! Then it began trying to get to know you, showing that despite being a monster that it had a ‘heart’. It even tried to figure out a way to make itself look human to appease you. How disappointing, bland, and pathetic. But on the upside, I have plans for a new creation, one that will not care for love or happiness. One that simply enjoys killing, death, and destruction. Such destruction I have in mind. Buildings will fall, cities will quake, countries will burn…It almost brings a tear of joy to my eyes…

“Yet, I must destroy you and the prototype. But I’m going to make the prototype suffer a bit; I’m going to make her kill you. As you can see, she’s wearing a body suit that allows me to monitor her vital signs and able to instill into her emotional states such as anger, hatred, fear, lust, etc. Yet I’ve found it doesn’t completely subvert the consciousness; it forces a person to watch their own body do things that they may or may not want to do. And right now, I’ve made her angry and unbelievably hungry. Due to this, she will rip you to pieces and eat them. She will chew on your intestines and move upwards, bathing in your blood. Oh yes, I will make sure of it. She will be so devastated that she would gladly allow me to kill her. I’m just sad that I won’t be able to view it due to this protective dome, but I need to stay objective,” he said, with a mocking tone on the word objective. “Ahh…Guess you were too young  to hear about it Luckily I will be able to tell when it’s over by looking at Tequil’s emotional responses…Tequil attack.” Tequil began moving towards Timothy, but by this point Timothy had a plan. He had managed to turn off the holowatch and take his shirt off. When Tequil was directly above him, he threw the shirt up into the air and it landed on her face.

Tequil was surprised and stopped in her tracks. She was about to throw the shirt away when she began to smell it. She could smell the blood from the raw ham that covered it and her rage was completely overtaken by her hunger. She began ravenously attacking the shirt, throwing it to the ground and biting it.  She was so enraptured with biting and attacking the shirt that she did not see Timothy sneak up behind her, nor did she feel when he slipped the holowatch onto her left wrist. He quickly activated the watch and watched as the black holographic dress appeared on Tequil. Unfortunately for him, Tequil realized that there was nothing filling about that shirt. She smelled Timothy around her; she quickly got up from the ground and grabbed him by the throat.

“Tequil,” he coughed out, “you have to fight this! I know you can fight this! You’re not a monster or abomination!” He was desperately trying to reach out with his right hand to pull of the watch while it was still activated. She threw him into a nearby wall and he fell to the ground, head throbbing. He looked up and saw Tequil already on him. He saw her bend down and could tell from the way she was baring her teeth at him that she was going in for the kill. He tried to reach for the watch, but her face was in the way. So he decided to try another method. He leaned in and kissed Tequil on the lips. The kiss lasted for quite some time; Timothy was unwilling to break the kiss primarily because he was afraid that as soon as he did, she would kill him. He was surprised when he felt her kissing him back. She pulled back after what felt like years to Timothy.

“Wha…Where…How…Did we just kiss? And why am I wearing the old holowatch?” Tequil asked, ignoring the fact that they weren’t in the same place from before and that she just tried to kill Timothy.

‘So much for the consciousness being ‘conscious’…’ Timothy thought and smiled. “Uh…That’s really not the thing you should be focused on…Listen, we need—“Timothy began but was cut off when he heard:

“Hey what’s going on down there? “ Manx’s voice blared out of the intercoms. From the way his voice sounded, he did not know that he had the intercom on and that the two could hear him. He also sounded surprised. “There seems to have been some sort of short in the emotional response control of the high tech suit…Lorraine, I want you to go down there and investigate.”

“Wait…What? What if she’s still in a hunger induced rage---“ Lorraine began.

“Listen here!” Manx interrupted; the rage that was in his voice palpable even through the intercom. “It is your duty to do what I say. Besides, just use that weapon on her. Now go!”

Timothy moved close to Tequil and whispered into her ear everything that happened since her being kidnapped. Tequil did not take the news well.

“WHAT! They tried to make me kill you?” Tequil shouted, her voice seemingly shook the walls of the enclosure.

“Tequil, I think you should keep your voice dow—“

“I will not keep my voice down!” Tequil’s voice went up higher and sounded bestial ; it was low and guttural, almost like a roar than the sweet and slightly eldritch tone her voice normally is. At that moment, the wall on the opposite side of them began to split down the middle and open to reveal a huge lift with Lorraine standing in the middle. She had in her hands what was an obscenely large gun for her.  ‘That gun is almost as tall as she is and she’s about six feet tall!’ Timothy remarked. ‘How can she even lift that thing?’ Tequil was not impressed at all.

“He’s still alive? Monster! Kill—“ Before she could even finish the sentence, Tequil rushed the lift and had her by the neck.  She ripped the gun out of her hands, essentially crushing every bone in the right one.

“You?” Tequil retorted, finishing Lorraine’s sentence. “She turned her head towards Timothy, rotating it 180 degrees, and simply stated one word: “Go.” It was in a monotone and she was on the other end of the enclosure, yet Timothy could tell that he did not want to be around when Tequil exacted her revenge. So he went through the tunnel he originally come through and went back to the cemetery.  She immediately turned her head back to face Lorraine. “Now it is just you and me, Lorraine is it? Let me ask you a question:  Why stay with a person that mistreats you? That doesn’t care for you? That treat you like dirt?”

“I…could ask…you…the same…” Lorraine retorted, her voice strained yet she still managed to smile weakly. Tequil was enraged and almost began to throttle her, but decided to try ‘diplomacy’.

“Funny. Really. Listen, I can see that you’re just a pawn in Manx’s schemes. Not a queen, nor a rook, nor a knight, but just a simple pawn. He doesn’t care about you; you’re just a means to an end. Don’t you want to get out of his shadow? To be your own person?  Help me and I’ll promise I’ll let you go…With a slight catch.”

“Help…how…” Lorraine was starting to fall unconscious, which was what Tequil wanted. As soon as Lorraine’s eyes closed, Tequil began to focus. She could feel her body moving from a solid to a gas. She felt herself become pure consciousness and began to descend on Lorraine’s form. She soon engulfed Lorraine and began to exert herself into Lorraine’s body.

Meanwhile, Manx had been waiting about twenty-five minutes and was starting to lose patience.  He stared heavily at the radar screen, watching as one of the dots on his screen was heading out of the enclosure unopposed. ‘What is Lorraine doing? It looks as if she’s letting one of the prisoners escape! Oh this girl, if she lets that boy go…Wait, there were two dots in the elevator…Why is this system now showing one’ He heard the elevator running and got up.  As soon as the doors opened Manx began to say, “I’m tired of your insolence!” but stopped when he saw Lorraine. ‘Something’s wrong. She has a glint in her eye; the way she stood there was different. Hmmm…’

“Well? What did you see?” Manx asked, walking over to a table with various experiments.

“The zombie must have killed that boy and run off, for I did not see her,” Tequil stated, trying mimicking Lorraine’s mannerisms.  She moved behind Manx and thought, ‘I could kill him right now. I could snap his neck in two and no one would care…But I need to learn

“Hmm…I suppose this is for the best then. The world will not accept her form or how she looks. She is an ugly freak and anyone that takes a look at her will be so repulsed that they will attack her. She’ll be an outcast on the fringe of society--- even more so than you or I for at least if we’re caught, the law requires that we have a trial and due process. Abominations do not get that right. They will hunt her down and there will be no peace for her in this world. She’ll be forced to fight and kill…and who knows, perhaps nations will destroy themselves in trying to destroy her. And no amount of good deeds she does in this world would ever change that. Although I wonder, what sort of person would accept her? I mean, look at…What was his name?” He asked, turning to look at Lorraine face, staring into her eyes.

“Timothy,” Tequil was trying to keep her rage from seeping through, for she needed to learn something.

“Ah yes, Timothy. Such a freak, don’t you think my sweet? Becoming friends with our horrible aggregation…I suppose we shouldn’t have picked such a worthless waste of genetic material for which to base Tequil’s personality on. Must have been so starved from a lack of social interaction that he befriended her as soon as she learned to talk…Unbelievable, don’t you think Lorraine? Surely you must have an opinion; you always have an opinion that I do not ask for. Or has something gotten in to you? Perhaps I can fix that,” Manx grabbed Lorraine’s body by the  face and Tequil felt her consciousness launch out of Lorraine’s body, solidify, and crash into a nearby computer system. “Ah…the monster. Like my gloves? They release a powerful electrical current, around 300 milliamps, enough to disrupt breathing, give strong electrical burns, can potentially cause death, and apparently remove annoying pests from my associates. Now, let me ask you a question: How do you…feel about your feelings for Timothy?” Manx moved to where she had crashed and grabbed Tequil’s neck, unleashing the full force of the gloves onto her. Tequil’s muscles began to clench uncontrollably and her body went through a series of spasms.  

“Do you not realize that I instilled those feelings in you? That you only feel that way for him because I made you feel that way? You are my puppet and you will do what the master wants! And the master says kill!”

“Okay!” Tequil roared, forcing her hands to grab his wrists and pulling them away from her neck with a surprisingly large amount of strength. This was a horrible cacophony of skin ripping, joints being pulled out of socket, and Manx’s scream.  Blood began spraying everywhere as major blood vessels in his hand were being severed. The blood hit Tequil in the face and she felt a gnawing hunger growing within her. By this point she was so enraged that she fully embraced the feeling and began mauling Manx. By the time she was done, Manx had lost large amounts of blood; a large chunk of his neck was removed; eyes were gouged out of his skull; and he lost a large portion of his intestines from Tequil essentially ripping it from his gut. Yet surprisingly, despite the blood lost and the fact that he essentially lost a good portion of his vocal cords he could still speak and although no regular human would’ve been able to hear him, Tequil could.

“I’m…so…proud…of you.” With that Manx breathed his last. Those words resounded in Tequil’s head and brought her out of her unstoppable rage.

‘…I am nothing but a puppet.  An abomination… I indulged in eating a human being…And I liked it…’ While Tequil was in deep thought, she failed to notice that Lorraine had left some time ago. Not that it would have mattered if she was there at this point. That’s when the smell of Manx’s blood returned to her and her hunger returned in full force. ‘Please no…I must be strong.’ Tequil tried to walk to the lift, but found herself slowing down with every step. She stood in front of the lift’s door and managed, somehow, to activate the lift. She began heading to Timothy’s house, not knowing how he would react to her being covered in blood and guts. She didn’t even know if she wanted to be around humans, not if she was going to be a danger to everyone especially Timothy. She could still feel the cravings for human flesh, for human blood…By the time she came home all these thoughts made her feel horrible inside; yet as she opened the door and Timothy gave her a big hug without seeing how much blood and gore she was covered in, she figured that she would at least try to fit in with society and try to prove that she wasn’t a puppet.

Submitted: July 26, 2011

© Copyright 2020 so64. All rights reserved.

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