Book of Time: Awakening

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
What if you were to find out that your father was a god? Or that you had powers of space and time in the palm of your hands? Well for a young twelve year old girl named Temporal, this has become her life...

Submitted: December 29, 2008

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Submitted: December 29, 2008




A young girl of twelve found herself in nothingness. She knew she was dreaming, for she had had this particular dream for countless of times when she was younger, but they still managed to creep her out. She knew who would appear and sure enough, the lady appeared from the white mist. She was wearing a long, flowing, elegant white dress. In every dream like this one, the lady face looked angelic: her face was soft and peaceful; her eyes seemed to be holding back a great burden she wanted to get off of her. The young girl also seemed to realize that she looked strangely familiar; she almost looked like her father in a way.

The young girl finally decided to ask, “Why do you always seem to visit me in my dreams? Why do you keep bothering me?” She was very anxious to know why this apparition always kept invading her dreams. The angelic lady seemed unaffected by the young girl’s questions though. 

“It’s not important to know who I am, Temporal, but what is important is that it is about time…” Temporal was surprised that the lady knew her real name, for nobody said it nor knew about it except for her parents and family.

“Who are you and how did you know my actual name? And what do you mean about ‘it’s about time?’”

“It is not important for you to know who I am, it is important that you know…that your powers…are beginning to emerge…”

The alarm clock in Temporal’s room sounded loudly, and she begrudgingly opened her eyes. “Powers? Stupid dream, I don’t have any powers,” she muttered under her breath. She almost fell back to sleep, but her eyes happened to glaze upon the clock and saw it was 8:45, exactly fifteen minutes before the bus came. “Oh come on!” she screamed. She got dressed and looked into the nearby mirror on her dresser. Even though she believed she looked bad, she looked okay: She had managed to get her long, flowing mane of red hair to straighten out; she washed her tanned, smooth face free from drool. The only thing she was truly worried about was that the blue and green overalls with the brown shirt that she had put on were very filthy and she hoped that her classmates wouldn’t find out about it.

She looked around her room to find her book bag, but it was hard to find considering that her room was very messy. Coincidently and perhaps very ironic, she had great delusions about being a great hero like some that she had been hearing about on T.V. and had a collection of comic books on superheroes that were strewn about her room. She managed to find her bag under one of the piles of books on legendary heroes and ran out the room and down the steps. She saw her father at the base of the steps and thought about slowing down, but when she saw the wall clock behind him, she saw that she had only seven minutes to make a twenty minute walk to the bus stop. Instead of stopping to see what her father wanted once at the bottom of the steps, she leaned on her toes, kissed her father on the cheek, and said good bye to her father as she zoomed out the door.

‘Great…’ her father, Kronos thought. ‘I should have told her about her powers and heritage…. I suppose that it could wait a bit longer…I mean, she has gone this long without knowing, what’s the harm in waiting?’ With that line of thought, he went up to get ready for his day.

Temporal, on the other hand, was running as fast as she could to reach the bus stop before the bus got there. While running, she began to think of how cool it would be to just…teleport to school. ‘Not having to walk to the bus station, dealing with that pompous rich brat of a girl…’ she stopped in mid-thought as she found herself at the bus stop earlier than she had expected. And there was the bus floating down the hill. She couldn’t believe how her luck had changed over time. However, as the bus neared to the stop, she could make out a figure, the figure of the very same girl that she had hate with a passion. She saw that figure walk to the front of the bus stop, give the bus driver what appeared to be three medium size gold bricks, and pointed at her. So it was not a surprised to Temporal when the bus sped up and passed by her, kicking up dust into her face in the process. Temporal glared angrily at the back of the bus, where the girl was looking smugly back at her. ‘Fatisha, you will pay for this…and to think we were friends at one point and time! How I regret that mistake!’ she was almost at tears, for she knew that the last thought was a complete and utter lie and that they had been great friends, but something happened and now they were the worst of enemies. ‘There is no time to think about the golden days!’ Temporal chastised herself, ‘if I can not beat that bus to the school, the internal computer on the bus is going to do a check with the school database to see if I’m there and if it notices that I’m not in school, I am going to be in big trouble!’ Her mind began to ponder on several ideas and she almost settled on riding the regular bus to school, but she did not have any change.

The pressure of finding a way to get to the school was beginning to take its toll on her, for she started to believe that she could actually run the fifty plus miles to the school and actually beat the bus there. She started to run in the direction the school without thinking. At first, she started off slow began to speed up, becoming unaware of the changes in the environment. The area began to darken as sunlight slowed to a halt, causing the area to look a dark purple glow; the temperature began to drop exponentially; and the air became still for there was not that much sound being made except for the sound of Temporal running, which was magnified to a rather loud volume. As stated before, she was unaware, for she was only concerned with getting to school, but had she been aware, she would have noticed that she was moving at such as speed that a normal human could never reach, even with the help of a rocket. She ran passed her school bus quite easily, unaware of somebody moving around in there.

She eventually made it to the school before the bus and stopped, finally noticing the way the world was in a state of darkness and was quite creep out by how the sky looked as if it was ignited in purple flames. She went into the building was surprised to see everything frozen in place: Friends, teachers, parents, strangers, basketballs, everything was frozen in a way that normally would defy the laws of physics or be uncomfortable to keep for long periods of time. She slowly made her way through the halls of the school towards the gym in order to think things out. Usually, the gym would be full of kids playing, and that was still the case; however, people were frozen still in various states of exercising and there were a lot of objects floating in mid-air. Before Temporal could sit down on a bleacher and think, she was knocked into the opposite wall by a force so powerful it was almost unimaginable. The pain that racked her body was great, but not so much so that she lost consciousness. She managed to peel herself off the wall and looked towards her assailant and was shocked to see that it was Fate.

Temporal was surprised not only by Fate being the only one moving and the one that knocked her into a wall almost fifty feet away, but was also surprised that she was wearing a armor that depicted a clock in the process of melting. “Like my look, Temporal? Why, you look so befuddled and confused, I wish I could help you, but I’m afraid I want to beat you more than help you…”Without warning, Fate appeared right next to Temporal out of nowhere. Temporal tried to punch Fate, but she was moving to fast for Temporal. Fate grabbed her by her hair and slung her upward. Temporal hit the ceiling hard and dropped to the floor also hard. She tried to get up but found it extremely difficult to. Fate once again grabbed her and threw her into the ball rack. Temporal was almost afraid that the balls would fall on her, but they actually froze in mid-air from the disturbance. ‘How is she able to throw me like this? Fate never shown any type of strength like she is right now…There has to be a way to stop her…’ She looked around, grabbed one of the balls that were floating in the air, and threw it at Fate as hard and fast as she could. Now, Fate decided to run at Temporal as fast as she could, for she believe that Temporal was too weak to counteract, but she was wrong, for when that ball hit her in the square of her chest, she did an awkward flip in the air and landed hard on her head. Despite the gravity of the situation, Temporal couldn’t help but laugh as Fate head made a loud thud connecting with the floor, not noticing that the people in the gym had all began to look at her. The gym teacher appeared behind her and said, “Er…what is so funny, Temmy?”

Temporal was both surprised and embarrassed that everybody was now looking at her and moving around; furthermore, Fate had disappeared during Temporal’s laughing fit, so it was very awkward. Temporal sheepishly said, “Nothing…I’m going to class right now…” She walked slowly to the gym door and bolted out of it as soon as her hand touched the handle.

The day quickly improved after this incident: Temporal didn’t have any homework; Fate was at home, suffering from headaches (Temporal laughed at this); and she felt better now. It was the last hour of the day and Temporal was paying attention to the teacher speaking when she saw the classroom slowly began to fade away, being superimposed by blue and white. She looked around, seeing white fluffy clouds and blue open spaces. Her stomach felt as if it was trying to fall downwards, but it was being supported by something. She was almost afraid to look downward, but allowed herself to and saw the school about thirty thousand feet below her.

“Like the view, Temporal? Too bad we can’t look at it forever, for we have work to do,” said Fate as she floated next to Temporal. “I have an experiment--What would happen to the school if a projectile traveling at ten times the speed of sound hit it? I’m betting that it would create a giant crater the size of Zanzubar lake, but I was never good at forming guesses--”

“Fate why are you doing this?” blood was beginning to rush to Temporal’s brain, causing her to become very delirious.

“Why I am doing this? Because I’m bored…Do I really need a reason for throwing you at the school like a missile? No, I do not. Goodbye Temporal Jiffy Terrasect.” Temporal felt her body began to descend downward, speeding up exponentially as it did. She screamed upward at Fate, “You are twisted, Fate! Twisted!” She started to fall unconscious as the first sonic boom ripped across her body, but before she did, she could have sworn she saw her father coming for her.

She awoken to find her mother, Lizzy, standing over her, wiping her head with a damp washcloth. Lizzy saw that she was awake and in a caring, soothing voice said, “Are you okay?”

Temporal felt her neck before responding, “My neck and throat feels constricted, but besides that, I feel fine.”

“Hmm…that is probably due to the fact that your neck was snapped in several different pieces…” Lizzy muttered this in such a low tone that it shouldn’t have been heard by Temporal at all, but Temporal did hear it, and she gave her mother a strange look on her face.

“What do you mean my neck was broken?” Temporal quickly became a bit worried that her mother was perhaps loosing it, even though she had experienced some really weird events today. A sheepish smile formed on Lizzy’s face. Her eyes seemed to be focused on something else instead of her, a sign that she could be formulating a lie.

“Er…well…it wasn’t just your neck, but your whole body, really--” Lizzy began, but Kronos appeared and said, “Why don’t you go and rest. You have been taking care of our daughter for two hours continuously and I can answer her questions better than you can. Go lay down and relax, my sweet.” Lizzy looked back at her daughter, kissed her on her on her forehead saying very gently, “Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner,” and walked out of the room.

When Lizzy left, Kronos demeanor became more serious and said in a very somber tone, “What is it that you want to know?”

“Those things that happened today…were they…did they actually happen?”

“Yes, they were, from you outrunning the bus to you fighting Fate in the gym,” Kronos said this matter-of-factly.

“Wait…then…who…what are we?” Temporal’s tone was quite interesting, it was obvious that she was skeptical of what her father was saying, but there was also a tone that sounded as though she was beginning to believe.

“I’m not sure. We are…human, technically, for our physiology is the same as anybody else,” Kronos’s face became scrunched up in concentration as he began contemplating. After a long and awkward silence, Kronos finally said, “It will be best to show you instead of telling you.” He walked calmly towards his daughter and embraced her. If Temporal was puzzled when Kronos wrapped his arms around her, it was magnified when she began to feel…weird. The feeling was hard to place: the closest thing to describing it would be that her body was being pushed outwards and everything was moving away from her. The feelings were so foreign to her, she closed her eyes to try to ease them.

“Open your eyes and look towards your bed,” her father voice sounded a bit more steady and confident than it used to, which somewhat frightened Temporal. Her fear increased even more when she did what Kronos said. She saw herself lying on the bed, badly mangled with bones and blood pushing out of bruises on her body. What was even stranger was that the lighting of the room had taking on a strange twilight effect. “Is…is this some sort of—“

“No, Temporal, that is you. You can move closer if you want, but only one condition. Do not touch her or any other living thing.” She had never been so afraid and yet, a small part of her was exhilarated and she didn’t exactly know why.

“Temporal, we have the power to control time, space, and everything that interacts with it. Your powers were always there as you were growing-up, though you never had full control over them.”

“But why tell me about them now?” Temporal saw that Kronos was about to explain, but she saw her mother come into the room and began walking towards the bed and the two Temporals. “Er…father?” She looked around and saw that her father was nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, her mother bumped into her, causing Temporal to feel strange. The area around her began to spin uncontrollably, causing her a lot of discomfort. The next thing she knew, she heard a gasp and felt her self flung into her own bedroom door!

“You will have to go through my dead body to get t…Oh…Temporal, it’s you…” Her mother sounded very nonchalant about the fact that there were two versions of Temporal in the room.

“…Let me guess, you know?!”

“Yes, Temporal, I knew about you and your father’s powers. Speaking of which, where is your father? No offense, but I’m guessing you still do not know much about your powers and what they can do…”

“He left me here…I think…” Temporal saw her mother gain a furious look on her face, that was equal to something as a murderer, but she quickly calmed down.

“I’m going to have to talk to him later…” When Lizzy stopped speaking so suddenly and became more focus on the bed, Temporal turned around to see what her mother was so mesmerized by and was once again shocked by what she saw. The Temporal on the bed was beginning to regenerate: the cuts, bruises, and other openings were beginning to close; bones and blood were being sucked back into her body, making a strange slurping sound as the bones went back into their places.

“Temporal, you have to hide,” Lizzy said after snapping out of her trance.

“Why? I want to greet myself!”

“Errr…no…Since the one on the bed doesn’t know about her powers yet, it is best if you hide somewhere unless you want her to freak-out and trust me, you do not want that.”

Temporal ran into the closet, shut the door, and observed the conversation that was taking place between mom and her. She noted that while Lizzy was smiling, her eyes were looking at the closet very carefully; perhaps hoping that the Temporal that was on the bed wouldn’t look towards the closet. Soon Kronos came in and suggested that Lizzy leave so that he could speak to Temporal alone. After a long talk, Kronos embraced that Temporal and the two vanished into thin air. The Temporal in the closet came out and was quite confused by everything that had just occurred.

“Well Temporal, enjoy memory lane?” Kronos had appeared from nowhere and had actually managed to shock Temporal to the point that she collapsed.

“…I may have gone overboard with the revelations…” He picked up Temporal and tucked her into the bed. Afterwards, he slowly tiptoed out of the room…only to be punched out by Lizzy, who was kind of upset with Kronos for messing with Temporal’s mind like that.

© Copyright 2020 so64. All rights reserved.

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